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Tools of Engagement Project

The State University of New York - Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP): On-demand Discovery Learning Professional Development is designed to encourage faculty & staff to explore emerging technologies.

The TOEP website highlights tools and resources to help you become familiar with photo sharing, audio, video, blogs, wikis, online applications, social bookmarking, citation management, and many other freely available online tools. Our focus is on your use of these tool sets to support student learning.

Registration is open! 
Faculty and staff from partnering campuses may register, request to join the TOEP Community, complete Discovery Exercises, and earn badges. Although the TOEP Phase 2 award period to earn incentives beyond badges is closed, keep an eye on this site to be kept up to date about the potential for new incentives that may become available in the future.

To register and participate in TOEP, follow the steps below:
  • First, click to Register.
  • Next, follow the directions to join the TOEP Community.
    (Note: Your acceptance into the TOEP Community must be processed manually and will be completed in fewer than 3 business days. This will ensure a private TOEP Community for participants from TOEP campuses.)
  • Review the resources and complete the discovery activity on the Lifelong Learning page.
  • Select three tool areas that you have elected for your focus from the learning tools on the left-side navigation panel.
  • In each of these three areas, complete a discovery activity in each tool category.
  • After completing each activity, you will summarize your thoughts and experiences about what you have learned.
  • You are encouraged to exchange ideas and support your colleagues in the TOEP Google+ Community.
  • Use the Claim Your Badge form to request your badge for each completed discovery exercise.
  • Finally, post a reflection to the TOEP Community about your experiences learning to use freely available online tools for teaching and learning and how it might change the way you approach teaching and learning.
  • You will then be awarded a TOEP Mastery badge you recognize your learning progress. You can learn more about TOEP Badges on the About Badges page.


Congratulations to recipients of the 2013-14 Tools of Engagement Project (TOEP) Phase 2 Incentive Awards! (Please note that

the incentive period is now closed, however, you may still participate in TOEP and earn badges.)

1st Place Awards

Most pedagogically intriguing use of a TOEP tool as evidenced through postings to the TOEP Community.

(Professional Development Awards valued at $300 each)

  • Robert Anderson, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Helena Baert, SUNY Cortland
  • Joan Brady, University at Buffalo
  • Susan Bruce, University at Buffalo
  • Shawn Carter, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Sherri Darrow, University at Buffalo
  • Elaine Davis, University at Buffalo
  • Donna Fabry, University at Buffalo
  • Katrina Fulcher, SUNY Fredonia
  • Kara Hedman, University at Buffalo
  • Mary Jo Jenson, University at Buffalo
  • Julian Lippmann, University at Buffalo
  • Susan Mann Dolce, University at Buffalo
  • Christine Paige, Empire State College
  • Michael Parsons, Empire State College
  • Terry Patterson, University at Buffalo
  • Jessica Purvis, University at Buffalo
  • Deborah Raines, University at Buffalo
  • Sylwia Starnawska, Empire State College
  • Mark Swihart, University at Buffalo
  • Dorothy Taylor, University at Buffalo
  • Dana Voelker, SUNY Brockport
  • Jo Yudess, Buffalo State
  • Chris Yuen, University at Buffalo
  • Jie Zhang, SUNY Brockport

2nd Place Awards 
Most personal progress using TOEP tools and best peer mentoring and support provided to other participants. (iTunes cards - valued at $100 each)
  • Susan Grinslade, University at Buffalo
  • Beth Johnson, Finger Lakes Community College
  • Christine Leake, Empire State College
  • Kerry Lynch, University at Buffalo
  • Barbara Mallette, SUNY Fredonia
  • Sara Marcus, Empire State College
  • Kokila Parmar, University at Buffalo
  • Renee Ruffino, University at Buffalo
  • Joann Sands, University at Buffalo
  • Yvonne Scherer, University at Buffalo
  • Zachary Slaybaugh, University at Buffalo
  • Sharon Stewart, University at Buffalo
  • Letitia Thomas, University at Buffalo
  • James Weaver, SUNY Brockport
Most personal progress using TOEP tools. (iTunes cards - valued at $50 each)
  • Zara Brenner, SUNY Brockport
  • Anny Castille-Earls, SUNY Fredonia
  • Ann Giralico, SUNY Brockport
  • Nancy Kusmaul, SUNY Brockport
  • Joann Lindstrom, Binghamton University
  • Jessica Sniatecki, SUNY Brockport
  • Athena Tsembelis, University at Buffalo
  • Nancy Washer, SUNY Brockport
Uber Peer Mentors - For their outstanding mentoring and support provided in the TOEP Google+ Community. (iTunes cards - valued at $25 each)
  • Chris Taverna, SUNY Fredonia
  • Emily Cole, University at Buffalo
  • Robin Harris, Buffalo State
  • Christine Leake, Empire State College
  • Joe McFall, SUNY Fredonia

Check out a list of the TOEP Phase 1 awardees (2012-13 pilot). 

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in TOEP! Even if you did not rank among the awardees, we appreciate your exploration of TOEP resources and the steps that you have taken in your own knowledge and practice.

Which SUNY campuses are currently involved in TOEP Phase 2?
TOEP Phase 2 is facilitated by Co-PIs and TOEP Fellows on 10 participating campuses:

Binghamton University
Buffalo State College
Empire State College
Fashion Institute of Technology
Finger Lakes Community College
Purchase College
SUNY Brockport
SUNY Cortland
SUNY Fredonia
University at Buffalo

The project's leadership team and Fellows will assist with campus recruitment, as well as provide mentoring and support as participants at each campus progress through the Discovery Learning activities. Check this list to get connected with the TOEP Fellows on your campus.

Where can additional information be accessed?