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Helpful Information

For issues such as signage, street or sidewalk damage, and malfunctioning traffic signals, service requests can be submitted directly to the City of Denver using any of the following methods:

       -Ask Denver app (available for iPhone and Android)

      -Visit and click on “Report a Problem”

      -Call 3-1-1 within Denver or 720-913-1311 outside Denver


How can I request the installation of a stop sign?

The Traffic Engineering Services section of the Denver Department of Public Works is responsible for traffic issues throughout Denver, including the installation or modification of stop signs. Click here to see the City’s official policies and guidelines for the use of stop signs. When requesting the installation of a stop sign, you have a better chance of succeeding if you can rely on any of the criteria discussed in the guidelines. Please note that he City’s official position is that stop signs are not an appropriate means of controlling traffic speeds. 

How can I request modifications to the timing of a traffic signal?

Is that left turn signal too short? Do you have to wait an eternity for a green light to cross another street? Requests to modify the timing of traffic signals can be emailed to Chris Krook, the staff engineer who handles street and traffic issues for Stapleton and nearby areas.

What can we do about speeding?

To request traffic enforcement or the deployment of a photo radar van in a particular area, residents can contact the Denver Police Department’s Neighborhood Enforcement Team at 720-337-1030. Additional information is available on the Denver Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement web page. 

Can we get a speed bump or speed hump installed to slow traffic?

The Traffic Engineering Services section has informed the Transportation Committee that it will not install speed bumps or speed humps for a variety of reasons, including the interference with snow removal vehicles and emergency vehicles.

Will the City install pedestrian crossing signs with flashing lights like Boulder has?

While we remain hopeful that the City will eventually agree to install signs like this, Traffic Engineering services has not been willing to do so up to this point. 

What about High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) signals?

You may have seen overhead stop lights above crosswalks in Lakewood and other municipalities. According to Traffic Engineering Services, such HAWK signals cost just as much as full traffic signals to install. Thus, they prefer full traffic signals.

Then how do we get a full traffic signal installed?

According to Traffic Engineering Services, the cost of a fully signalized intersection is approximately $250,000, while the cost of a mid-block signalized crossing is approximately $150,000. As you can imagine, it is difficult to convince the City to spend that kind of money. The SUN Transportation Committee has requested signalized crossings on MLK and Central Park Blvd. to create safe crossings for pedestrians and bicyclists. The City has thus far not been willing to accommodate that request.

Will MLK ever connect to Peoria and Fitzsimmons Parkway?

Plans for this proposed connection were developed several years ago to include sidewalks and bike lanes. However, funding has not yet been secured for the project. There is currently no firm timeline for implementing the plans. 

When will the Sand Creek Trail be repaired or paved?

Information about the Sand Creek Regional Greenway Trail, including current detours and closures, can be found here. You can also follow the Sand Creek Regional Greenway on facebook to receive updates. 

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

To report an abandoned vehicle, call 303-295-4367 and be prepared to provide the location, make, style, and color of the vehicle, the license number and state, information about the condition of the vehicle, and the length of time the vehicle has been parked.

Transportation News

The SUN Transportation Committee submitted a document to the City in November 2014 requesting a wide variety of modifications to the streets and sidewalks in Stapleton to enhance safety and accessibility for pedestrians and bicyclists. That document, as well as other transportation-related documents, can be viewed and downloaded here. 

Still need help?

Feel free to email SUN at if you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed above.


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