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Sustainable Transportation

Stapleton is located just 6-7 miles from downtown and 3 miles from Fitzsimons.  Stapleton residents are in a great position to use alternative transportation, not only to get them to work, but to also get around within the community.  Below you can find information about biking and busing in Stapleton.

Biking Information

According to Trek Bicycle Corp, 40% of car trips are made within 2 miles of home.  This is especially true in Stapleton, where most things are within a few miles of home.  While all the parts of Stapleton may not always be walkable, they are certainly bikable.  Try biking instead of driving, and consider commuting to work via bike if possible.  Here are a few biking facts, also from the Trek Bicycle Corp:

  1. The average person loses 13 pounds their first year of commuting by bike.
  2. 60% of the pollution created by autos happens in the first few minutes of operation, before pollution control devices can work effectively.
  3. Just 3 hours of biking per week can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%.
  4. The U.S. could save 462 million gallons of gas a year by boosting bicycle trips just half a percentage point: from 1% to 1.5% of all trips.
REI has a great website for those interested in biking, where you can calculate the calories you burn, the money you save, and the carbon emissions you prevent from entering the air by biking rather than driving.  For example, if you work downtown, you have approximately 7 miles to bike from Stapleton.  This 14-mile round trip ride will burn 658 calories, save you $3.08, and keep 13 pounds of CO2 out of the air.  You can also download a free iPhone App that will calculate these things for you as well.

Bus Information
A 2008 travel survey of Stapleton residents found that 59% of them work downtown, which is easily accessible via bike or bus.

Buses that connect Stapleton with downtown:
  • Bus 43 - starting at 5am, bus 43 picks up every 15 minutes at the Stapleton Transfer Center (located at the old airport parking garage, at approximately 32 Ave and Trenton St) and connects to Downing and 30th.  From there, you can connect to other buses (i.e. 38) or take the Light Rail into downtown.  This route takes an estimated 35 minutes.
  • Bus 28 - starting just before 6am, bus 28 picks up every 30 minutes at the Stapleton Transfer Center and connects to various stops downtown like Downing and 22nd, 17th and Stout, and 17th and Blake.  This route takes an estimated 42 minutes.
  • Bus 20 - starting just after 6am, bus 20 picks up about every 30 minutes from in front of DSST on Montview or from 23rd and Syracuse and connects to various stops downtown like 17th and Champa or 17th and Blake.
Useful links:
  • Stapleton Transportation Management Association - This excellent resource has maps of Stapleton bus routes, carbon footprint calculators, and information on walk scores.  If you can't find what you're looking for there, you can ask Angie Rivera-Malpiede your questions ( or 303-468-3230).
  • Denver RTD - Try their trip planner tool to figure out the best bus route for you (select the Google search feature).  You can also use the iPhone Google Maps App to find buses (select public transit).
  • Bus fares
  • FasTracks East Corridor - Approved by the Federal Transit Administration in November 2009, the East Corridor will connect downtown to DIA, including a stop at Central Park Blvd and Smith Road.  Construction could begin as early as 2010.