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Green Tip of The Week

  • Consider installing a light tube in your windowless, upper story rooms. Not only will you bring natural light to your space but you will also save $ on electricity by not switching on the lights.
  • Attic fans are a wonderful way to cool your upper story room. Heat is drawn away and out of the house so the rooms stay cooler on those hot summer nights.
  • Think about switching to compact fluorescent lamps instead of using incandescent in your outdoor light fixtures. Save money and energy.
  • Colorado is a great state to harness the power of solar energy. By installing photo voltaics on your roof you are saving our natural resources as well as money, by not relying on your local power company.
  • Boltage is now in full force. Bill Roberts students can now earn rewards for biking and walking instead of being driven to school. So what are you waiting for? Get your Zap Tag at BR and reduce your carbon footprint. 
  • Keep some reusable bags in you car so that you never have to use plastic bags when out shopping.
  • Consider square foot gardening to maximize production from a limited amount of space. By using a raised bed garden you are able to add quality soil instead of planting in clay.
  • You can do without that AC unit. Keep all windows closed and covered during the day. At night open the windows to let cold air in to naturally cool your home. Close everything early in the morning. You'll be surprised how cool your house will stay during the day. Add an attic fan and you're all set.
  • Don't know what to do with that leftover paint? Recycle it with Mix Paints.   Mix Paints accepts reusable latex in good condition. The paint needs to be in its original can with a readable label.  Will not accept intermixed paint. Best part, they are located on Colfax, not too far from Stapleton.
  • If you have clothing and shoes you no longer need, consider donating it to Red Apple Recycling. Their Little Red Schoolhouse containers are located at Bill Roberts and Westerly Creek parking lots. This wonderful organization gives grants to schools for wellness and sustainability programs. Bill Roberts has already received a $1,500 grant. Thanks Red Apple.
  • Don't throw that away. SUN is collecting empty personal care and beauty product containers, drink pouches, inkjet cartridges, diaper and wipes packaging, squeezable food pouches, and candy wrappers and bags. These items will be recycled through Terracycle and you can win $50 to Whole Foods.
  • You can recycle all your plastic bags at King Soopers, not just grocery bags but all kinds of bags, such as bread or produce.  Just deposit them in the collection bin at the front entrance. You're quite welcome.
  • Food and beverage cartons are now recyclable as a part of the residential recycling program. Just place milk, juice, small juice, soup and broth, wine, tofu, ice cream and frozen yogurt, etc. in your purple bin.
  • Through Terracycle Stapleton is now recycling all cereal box liners and plastic cereal bags. See Terracycle below for more info. All money raised is going to fund 4H at the Urban Farm