If you have clothing and shoes you no longer need, consider donating it to Red Apple Recycling.
Their Little Red Schoolhouse containers are located in the Bill Roberts parking lot.
From now till October 20th Red Apple is giving Bill Roberts extra grant for sustainability for each pound of items collected.
The SUN Sustainability Committee - Mission and Vision:                                                                                                      
Promote sustainability among residents:
  • To encourage residents to promote sustainability as a part of their daily lives
  • To achieve high participation rates in Denver recycling and eventually composting programs
  • To encourage more of a cycling/pedestrian culture and less use of automobiles

Promote sustainability throughout businesses and the community:

  • To encourage businesses to be as environmentally friendly as possible
  • To expand/improve our farmer's markets, possibly bringing a natural grocer to Stapleton
  • To reduce the waste our neighborhood produces
  • To promote sustainability for community events and activities so that the environmental impact of the event operations is minimal

Contact us...                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  • What issues surrounding sustainability are important to you?
  • What would you like to see the SUN Sustainabilty Committee get involved in?
  • Would you like to be active in the sustainable future of Stapleton and be a member of the Sustainability Committee?
        You may contact the Sustainability Committee via
Sustainable Resources...                                                                                                                       
1.    Local Recycling Resources:                                                                
Here is a few LOCAL resources for recycling... You can take your items directly to these sources!!!
2.    Stapleton Green Team                                                                                    
Greenprint Denver  helps neighborhoods to create Green Teams. 
    Some of the issues the team is working are:
                      • new trees in Stapleton parks
                      • pesticides / herbicides in Stapleton
                      • 100% recycling
                      • new bike racks
                      • energy audit canvassing
                      • "Green" businesses in Town Center
                      • other issues that interest you
                      • volunteering at sustainable events
    If you'd like to be a part of the team please email
3.    TerraCycle in Stapleton Community                                                    

We are collecting various used and empty items to be recycled through TerraCycle and all money earned goes to the Stapleton Sustainability Committee for various green initiatives.

Drop-off Location for your TerraCycle products:
  • in the green bin near Bill Roberts School office (not during the summer)
  • the Urban Farm at Stapleton
  • or you can email for a pick up.
We are collecting the following items:
  • candy wrappers and bags
  • all cheese packaging
  • empty personal care and beauty product packaging
  • used inkjet cartridges and toners
  • diaper and wipes plastic packaging (not cardboard boxes or tubs) 
  • drink pouches, such as Capri Sun, etc.
  • squeezable healthy snack pouches, such as GoGo squeeZ
  • toothpaste tubes, caps, tooth brushes, floss containers
  • Elmer's glue sticks, bottles and caps (Elmer's only)
  • disposable plastic tape dispensers and core
  • all dairy tubs, lids, plastic rings and foil and plastic tops from these containers
  • computer keyboards
  • mobile phones
  • cleaner packaging (such as pumps, triggers, Method pouches, and flexible cleaner product packaging) NO PLASTIC CONTAINERS /BOTTLES
  • energy bar / granola bar wrappers
  • all ceareal box liners and plastic cereal bags
  • Lunchables plastic lunch kits
  • hummus containers and lids, plastic rings
  • plastic wine bags


      • PLEASE NOTE: hair spray cans, nail polish bottles and nail polish remover bottle ARE NOT acceptable

FYI, since the beginning of the school year 2011, thanks to Stapleton residents and friends we have diverted over 76,000 pieces of trash from the landfill and received over $1400 toward Stapleton non profit organizations.

Visit our new directory for a listing of sustainable Stapleton owned business. We have only just begun to compile the information and so the list is rather limited. We will add more businesses as they become available to us.
5.     Stapleton Garden Club                                                                          
Any Stapletonians interested in growing plants of any kind, please join the Stapleton Garden Club Yahoo group and share your questions, knowledge and ideas:
Stapleton Garden Club is an informal, inclusive network to share information and ideas about gardening; for those interested in any type of gardening: vegetable, flower, organic, container, square foot, rose, kitchen, orchid, English, indoor, composting, etc.
Join in and share the passion, beauty and joy of gardening!
6.     Recyclables: To rinse or not to rinse?                                                
Ever wonder it you should rinse your containers before recycling? Are you wasting water by rinsing or does recycling actually save a lot more water? Find out in this very informative article.

7.     The HUB at Stapleton                                                                            

The Hub is a community resource information center that serves as a catalyst for behavioral changes amongst residents, employers and employees that leads to a safer, healthier community.
  • The Hub provides programs that promote safety, and sustainable transportation methods (carpool, public transit, bicycling, and walking).
  • The Hub is open Mon - Fri from 10:00am - 3:00pm, Sat from 9:00am - noon.
  • Location: 7484 E. 29th Street (the Cop Shop) directly behind Cycleton in the 29th Street Town Center.
8.      CLUCS - Chicken Lovers United Community of Stapleton                

If you’ve ever thought about having your own chickens, now you can. If you’ve ever wanted fresh, healthy eggs that came from healthy, happy chickens, now you can. 

If you don’t know how to get started join CLUCS. If you love chickens and want to talk fowl and share info with fellow Stapleton poultry fanciers, join CLUCS!


You can have chickens in Stapleton, unless you are in a sub HOA, then you need to check with them first.


Join CLUCS yahoo group or like CLUCS Facebook page to get latest info.
Sustainable News in Stapleton...                                                                                                                                                                                        
Bill Roberts Implements Boltage Program
Bill Roberts parents are very excited to announce the Boltage program is now in effect.  Boltage is an incentive program that encourages children to bike or walk to school.  Each day children bike or walk to school, a solar powered computer registers their trip.  Children get incentives every 10 trips.  For more information, see

Sign the petition to bring a natural grocer to Stapleton


Many Stapleton residents would love to see a natural grocery store in the neighborhood.  If you are one of them, consider signing this petition.  Also, consider joining the Facebook Group Sunflower Market to Stapleton.

Links for additional resources...