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Getting Started As A Block Captain

Role of the SUN Block Captain

In an effort to promote communication and build a stronger community, SUN has been encouraging blocks to identify a Block Captain for each block. The specific duties of a Block Captain are:

  • Put together and maintain a block directory of email addresses/phone numbers. We have found that email is the best way to inform neighbors of news quickly. To help you obtain contact information from your neighbors, SUN has printed door hangers for you to distribute to neighbors whom you are not able to contact in-person.  You will need to write your email address on the back of the door hanger in the space provided. Plum Consignment has a box of door hangers and can supply you with enough for your block.  Alternatively, notify SUNoutreach@gmail.com that you would like door hangers, and they will be available for you at the next block captain meeting. 
  • Try to attend the monthly Outreach Committee meetings when you can and then forward the minutes from the meeting along to your block.  We currently have block captain meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month from 6:30-7:30. Block Captains are not expected to attend every meeting, but attending meetings is a great way to meet other neighbors as well as become informed on neighborhood happenings.
  • Help to ensure that your block has a party on Block Party Day which we have on a Saturday in the spring.  You do not have to do all the planning work yourself. This is when that email directory comes in very handy. It is likely that someone on your block will love being tasked with planning the party if you do now.  Block parties in Stapleton range from simple (potluck, BYOB) to more involved (band, catered, bounce house). It is up to you and your neighbors to decide how the party on your block will take shape.
  • Work with the Denver District 5 Police to plan a neighborhood watch meeting for your block. Little work from the block captain is required for this, as the DPD community resource officers are experienced at leading these meetings. The block captain will need to find a location, pick a date and time (check with police first), and spread the word (again-email directory is great for this). The police department shows up and does everything else. If you are able to get 70% of your block or more, you will have neighborhood watch signs posted on your block. Many blocks choose to group together for a Neighborhood Watch meeting (contact SUNoutreach@gmail.com to get in touch with neighboring block captains.)
To learn whether there is already someone playing this role on your block, please check your block on the map and link below under the "new block captain" header. If not, perhaps you are interested in becoming your block's captain; information is provided below for the first steps in contacting your neighbors in this role. The SUN Outreach Committee would like to be in contact with the Block Captain to make sure neighborhood-wide information is being shared effectively. 
SUN Block Captains meet as part of the SUN Outreach Committee on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the from 6:30-7:30pm in the Central Park Rec Center Multipurpose room, please join us anytime.

Neighborhood Watch

Many Stapleton blocks actively participate in the Neighborhood Watch program. If you are new to your block, contact your block captain to find out more about Neighborhood Watch on your block. If your block has not yet organized or is not as active as it used to be, contact our Denver Police Community Resource Officer (CRO) to schedule a neighborhood watch training session. The Denver CRO Program provides community assistance on issues such as neighbor disputes, public nuisances, zoning issues, fraud and crime prevention, and other neighborhood concerns. CROs attend regular meetings with neighborhood organizations to provide training on issues pertaining to, but not limited to the Neighborhood Watch program, commercial and home security, gang awareness, crime prevention, and more. 

Contact Information: 

Officer Sherikera Heflin Herrera, Sherikera.Heflin AT denvergov.org, Phone:(720) 913-1417

Officer Brandi Thomas, Brandi.Thomas AT denvergov.org, Phone:(720) 913-1405

Sample letters for you to use when contacting your neighbors about the Neighborhood Watch Program are provided by clicking here, feel free to make changes as needed.

New Block Captain

Check the maps here to see if your block has a block captain and if not, please consider volunteering as your block's captain.
If you would like to take on the role of Block Captain, please contact SUNoutreach@gmail.com to join the Block Captain mailing list, and so that your information can be added to the list of Block Captains below. When contacting neighbors for the first time, some Block Captains have used a version of the letter linked here. Good luck and we will see you at the next SUN Outreach Committee meeting.