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Block Party 2017

Stapleton Block Party Day 2017

To align efforts in Stapleton with Mayor Hancock's community-building initiative, we are encouraging blocks to celebrate block party day during Hancock's Denver Days (August 5-13): https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-days.html 

By registering your party with Denver Days (via the link above) will you be eligible to receive Denver Days benefits such as waived park permit fees and free street barricades for residential block parties.

Using a web site like WWW.SignUpGenius.com  is free, and is a place where party organizers can list out needed items for all neighbors to contribute.  

City of Denver Street Closure

Permits for street closure are FREE, and as of 2014, Denver no longer requires insurance (previously a ~$150 expense).  Please print the proof of neighbor consent on page 3 on the link below, get 75% of neighbors to sign, and turn it into the city >5 business days before block party day. 


Barricade rental is also free for parties during Denver Days.   

Alley Closure in Stapleton does not require city approval.

Reserving an MCA-managed green space

The MCA is willing to sponsor the permit fee, so that reserving an MCA managed green space for a block party is free!

The MCA has reserved all of the parks in Stapleton (pocket parks/sport fields) for the Block Party day. If you plan on having an inflatable (jump castle, etc.) or plan to stake into the ground you will need to let them know so irrigation lines can be marked. Just a note: Central Park, Greenway Park and Fred Thomas are a part of the Denver P & R system, so reserving those parks must be done via the city of Denver (not the MCA) ... reservation fees will apply. Call or email Gretchen at the MCA (303.388.0724) if you plan on having either of the above items (inflatables or stakes).Thanks.


Group Rates     

If you plan on having an inflatable (jump castle, etc.) staked into the ground on an MCA managed green space, you will need to let the MCA know in advance so that irrigation lines can be marked (303.388.0724).

---In previous years one block captain has organized group rental of bounce houses, however in 2017 is not able to do so. If you would like to organize group rental of bounce houses, group catering deals, or anything else that other blocks might be interested in, please notify SUNoutreach@gmail.com and we will post that information here. ---