If you are new to Stapleton, email the SUN outreach committee (stapletonunitedneighbors@gmail.com) to get connected with your block's captain!

The Stapleton United Neighbors (SUN) Outreach Committee consists of Block Captains and other Stapleton residents who value the sense of community that exists in Stapleton, and want to work to foster resident engagement and interaction. The SUN Outreach Committee facilitates meetings with the Stapleton Block Captain Network, liaisons with local businesses, organizations and community members from other Denver area neighborhoods, and is chaired by SUN board members. 

Goals of the SUN Outreach Committee are to:
  • Foster the sense of community that exists between Stapleton Residents through the block captain network and to connect Stapleton with the surrounding neighborhoods in Denver and Aurora
  • Keep Stapleton a safe place to live by encouraging all blocks to actively participate in the Neighborhood Watch program  
  • Provide a forum for opinions to be voiced, to facilitate communication within the community; and to pass along current and accurate information from other Stapleton organizations and committees (Safety, CAB, MCA, etc.) to residents
  • Engage the community in activities together through participation in Stapleton Block Party Day and others.
Click on the links below to find more information:
1)      Getting Started: how to connect with your block captain, or how to organize your block if it doesn’t have a captain
2)      Block Party:  details about the importance of neighbors bonding over a block party and how to plan it.
3)      Outreach Meetings: minutes from past meetings, the date of the next meeting, and how to add to the agenda. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Click here is you want to sign up to be a block captain.  Someone will contact you soon.

Please contact us with questions or suggestions, and feel welcome to attend the next Outreach Committee meeting to find out more, meet some of your neighbors, or to become more involved.
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Residents of the city of Denver have free access to mediation services through Community Mediation Concepts.  If you have a dispute with a neighbor, please consider mediation as an avenue to resolution.  Mediation should take place in a neutral location, if you need assistance identifying a neutral location SUN may be able to assist.  More information about available services is available on the Community Mediation Concepts web site: www.findsolutions.org