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    The Odyssey School opened its doors in 1998 as the third charter school in Denver and the first Expeditionary Learning school in the country to operate as a charter school. The Odyssey School is a public school chartered by the Denver Public Schools system, making attendance free for any student. Students are accepted to the school via an open enrollment process.  If the number of applicants exceeds available slots, Odyssey conducts a lottery to admit students.

    In Expeditionary Learning schools, students learn by conducting "learning expeditions" (extended projects). Expeditionary Learning works on developing the character -- as well as the intellect -- of students and changes not only how students learn but also a school's culture. As one of the most successful Expeditionary Learning schools in the country, Odyssey teachers, parents, staff, and students work together to create a school culture of student success, collaboration, respect, and high expectations.  Odyssey is the 2nd highest ranked K-8 in the city.

    Odyssey moved this year from Stapleton to its current home on the Phillips Campus in Park Hill, on the corner of Montview and Monaco.  Previously, Odyssey shared a facility with Westerly Creek Elementary.

    A significant number of Odyssey families and staff members moved to Stapleton when the school moved to the neighborhood in 2003.  Since then, many more have followed.  Today, one-third of Odyssey students live in Stapleton and nearly all of our students live within a 2-3 mile radius of the school.  Odyssey has expressed its desire to DPS to grow the school in order to serve more students.  The plan is to double in size and relocate back to Stapleton at some time in the near future.

  • Location: 6550 East 21st Ave.  Denver, 80207

  • Hours of operation: 8:10 am – 3:15 pm (M-Th), 8:10 am – 1:00 pm (Fri)

  • Size: 225 students

  • School Director: Marcia Fulton

  • Grades: K-8

  • Number of classes per grade: K (1), 1st (1), 2nd/3rd (2), 4th/5th (2), 6th (1), 7th/8th (2)

  • Average number of students per class: 24

  • Paraprofessionals: present in all classes K-5

  • Extracurricular activities: Art and PE offered during school hours; after school programs offered with My Enrichment.

  • Additional information: Many outdoor experiences provided throughout the year, including camping trips twice per year in all grades. Students frequently participate in field work to apply classroom learning in real world settings. Many service learning opportunities in the community throughout the year. Before/after school childcare provided by DPS in partnership with My Enrichment and the Kaleidoscope program.

  • School organizations: Board of Directors (comprised of parents, teachers, school director, and community members), Staff Council (includes all staff members) and Family Council (parents/guardians).

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  • Important dates: Monthly open houses from October through May

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