Welcome to SUN's Education Committee webpage

The SUN Education Committee was formed in May 2009.  It is comprised of SUN Board members and school representatives.  Our goal is to provide the community with current information about schools in and near Stapleton.  Through our website and fall education expos, we will inform the community of school facilities, application procedures, events, and opportunities.  In addition to communicating between the schools and residents, the SUN Education Committee will also enhance communication between DPS and Stapleton.  In particular, the committee will keep DPS informed of the community's needs and desires, and will relay pertinent information from the district to residents.  We will continue to work with DPS and Forest City to ensure adequate school facilities in the neighborhood.

To view our current projects, please see our events and announcements page or join our Facebook group.

To contact us, please email

SUN Education Committee Members:
  • Rebecca Loy - co-chair, Swigert and preschool
  • Jennifer Arzberger - co-chair, SUN Board member, preschool
  • Jeffrey Barron - SUN Board and Bill Roberts
  • Jann Englestad - Westerly Creek
  • Heather Ottele - Polaris, DSA
  • Kathy Epperson - Westerly Creek, McAuliffe
  • Mark Mehringer - SUN Board, Monarch Montessori
  • Carla Salva-Lewis - Westerly Creek
  • Kenda Keenan - Isabella Bird
  • Johanna Smith - High Tech 
  • Justin Silverstein - Odyssey