Section 10 Park Update

Click on the link below for the update that was presented by Civitas on the plan for parks in Section 10.

PAG Meeting 4 12 16

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Citizen Advisory Board

Parks Advisory Group Meeting

April 12, 2016


Present: Paul Frohardt, John Fernandez, Kate Kramer, Sean Caffrey, Rachel Ellis Adams, Eric Herbst, Diane Deeter, Chris Ricciardiello, Brad Dodson, Lucia Correll, Brian Hyde, Vern Adam, Chris Story, Tammi Holloway, Mark Shaker, Brad Dodson


March minutes were approved.


Tammi Holloway introduced Lori Kerr, the new administrative assistant.


Vern Adam presented Aurora’s FEMA. Project

This $20 M project, funded by FEMA, Aurora City and Urban Drainage is nearing completion. The project was undertaken due to repeated flooding of the area south of Montview because of 2 undersized box culverts under Montview for Westerly Creek. The project alleviated much of the flooding issue and also provided a regional trail under grade at Montview.   Currently the new trail is closed at the Montview bridge because of the ongoing construction at Montview Park, but it is scheduled for completion in Sept. 2016.  The area flood map will be updated upon completion.



Stanley Marketplace: Mark Shaker update PAG on the Stanley Marketplace, scheduled to open in August 2016. 

·      Open-air events will begin on May 21 with the Big Wonderful.  Mark is working with neighbors regarding noise abatement and connectivity to Stanley Market Place.   The event stage will face the building and there will be large plantings to reduce the noise.

·      Stanley is  working cooperatively with Mortenson Construction and  Denver City and County and connections to the north and east.  . 

·      Three acres of land was sold to a partner to construct micro apartments.

·      Tenants have begun building their space inside Stanley and the space is 100% filled.


Charlie’s Written report:

·      P-A (these are the remaining TOS parks south of 56th Ave (with exception of the future, but still unfunded sports complex) The project is in the contract award phase. Some City approvals are need prior to beginning construction Expect grading and initial concrete work to commence May to June. The project is expected to be completed late fall 2017 

·      Aurora Park: Grading has started. We are waiting on approvals from the City or Aurora to start utility, concrete and other work.

·      The preliminary construction schedule shows the park being complete summer 2017.

·      There were several questions in Charlie’s realm, which PAG could not answer.  The PAG will prepare these questions and submit to Charlie for written answers before the next PAG meeting.


Connectivity: Eric Herbst

Eric distributed a map, which showed connectivity from the new Central Park FasTracks Station to various locations.  Copies of the map will be available at the party to celebrate the opening of the station on April 23..  Bryan suggested extending the map southward to include the part at 11th and Eric thought they could do that.


Financial Status: Brad Dodson


Brad gave a detailed explanation of how the infrastructure work at Stapleton is funded, borrowing from the presentation made at CAB by DURA.  The funding mechanism, tax increment financing, TIF, will expire in 2015. TIF revenue is approximately $50 to $70 million each year, with the vast majority of the funds going to repay DURA bonds for Stapleton. The good news is that more money and more projects have been completed than originally estimated 16 years ago, when the development of Stapleton began.

·      This information is predicated on the economic situation in Colorado remaining stable.  If we continue on a high growth trajectory, there may be more funds available.  Likewise with a recession there may be fewer funds.

·      Stapleton is short of the funds needed to complete the development in the near term.  There are three choices for completing the project: using the $2-3M each year after the debt services are paid; borrowing funds from Forest City at 8.5 % interest: having the City issue a city-wide bond for completion of projects.


MCA: Diane

MCA is hiring pool managers, lifeguards, pool desk staff, etc.  60% if staff from last summer are returning. The summer calendar in online and there will be an insert in the May Front Porch.


Sand Creek Regional Greenway: Kate

SCRG was disappointed that they did not receive a GOCO grant for paving the Denver trail.  The Race for Open Space on May 1, 2016, has been re-organized and will cost only $10 per person for either the 5K or 10 mile run.  There is a firm limit on the number of runners.  SCRGP thanks Aurora warmly for hosting the race at Star K Ranch.


Bluff Lake Nature Center:  Chris Story

Bluff Lake is having a celebration to start the work on the new dam and other actions that will provide year-round lake water.


NPET: Lucia

A group of residents wanted to organize a clean up of Westerly Creek.  Most of them were interested in creating a youth event that would encourage children to participate in the clean up effort and provide education for the children.  They will be attending the current NPET events and determine where to go from there.



Questions for Charlie

1.     Where can we find the scope of work for Willow Park East and have contractors been hired?

2.     When will Westerly Creek North Park open and will the whole park open at the same time?

3.     Will a sidewalk be built to High Tech for school children before the end of the year ?

4.     Doggie bag dispensing stations are really needed at parks in the north.  Who installs and supplies the doggie bag stations – Denver Parks and Rec or MCA?

5.     Mark of Stanley asked if Forest City has negotiated a deal with the private landowner, so Dayton /Emporia can be constructed


PAG Minutes 3-8-16

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Citizen Advisory Board

Parks Advisory Group Meeting

March 8, 2016

                                                            Approved April 12




Present: Paul Frohardt, John Fernandez, Kate Kramer, Sean Caffrey, Adrienne Barton, Rachel Ellis Adams, Charlie Oldaker, Eric Herbst, Diane Deeter, Chris Ricciardiello, Charlie Nicola, Brad Dodson


Sean opened the meeting. The attendees introduced themselves. Sean noted that the minutes of the last meeting had some changes – Paul Frohardt’s name was misspelled.

With the change, Paul moved and Kate seconded it, and the minutes were approved with changes.


Kate gave a report on the upcoming season for the Neighborhood Partners Environmental Team (NPET).  SCRG, Bluff Lake Nature Center, and Stapleton neighbors come together the first Saturday of each month from April to November to do work in parks at Stapleton.  Please come on Saturday, April 2, starting at 9:00 am to 11:00 am to the SCRG Smith Road trailhead to help with trash pickup, graffiti removal, and tree protection.  Kate will look into posting the event on post info on NPET. Sean will get Kate contact for Stapleton Boy Scouts.

NPET can also be posted on Stapleton United Neighbors Facebook page and Sean will do that.


At the last PAG meeting, a resident from the Willow Park neighborhood in north Stapleton brought a list of questions to the PAG that her neighbors had complied.  Charlie started answering the questions at this PAG meeting.


Report from Charlie Nicola: Connections between north and south have always been a major focus. Central Park Blvd (CPB) provides the main connection with good pedestrian/bicycle protected sidewalks on the bridges. Other PAG members commented that the sidewalk along Quebec at 270 is not as good, but there is a connection with a pedestrian bridge over Sand Creek. No other connections are planned now at this time.


The next set of lanes for the CPB Bridge over Sand Creek will be built sometime in the next few years. Forest City is working with the City on timing and funding for this second Phase 2 of this bridge.


Maintenance operations were observed by a resident on one of the outfalls in the Prairie Basin/P8 Park. The resident is concerned about mosquitos.

Here is a link to the MCA site that discusses their mosquito program.

“Our mosquito control information and historical reports are located on our website under “What we Do / Community Maintenance” 


Our program typically commences in late May and will continue through September. 


-- Keven A. Burnett

    Executive Director, Stapleton MCA


Charlie noted there were some concerns about pedestrian access to the RMANWR with the closing of the Commerce City connector trail.  The trail closed because of construction activities in that area of the new CPB which will be extended north of 56th..CPB will be constructed in the next 18 – 24 months.  Charlie will get map of detour.


The neighbors are concerned about pedestrian connectivity to Post Office.  There is one pedestrian crossing on the south but no crossing farther north and there is no sidewalk on west side of Spruce.


More parks are being built in north Stapleton –P-A was just bid and is scheduled to start construction this summer. An earthen berm is the main feature of Prairie Meadows Park..


Park Creek Metro District is advancing the installation of a sidewalk across Prairie Meadows Park along the west side of Verbena from 51st to Prairie Meadows Drive to provide pedestrian access.  The sports complex south of the high school still needs partners for funding to advance.


There are concerns about 47th, 46th and connectivity.  The neighbors would like 4-way stops on Prairie Meadows Drive at a couple of intersections in some intersections. The City needs to be consulted in order for any changes in traffic control too be considered


A PAG member asked about the storm water pond on SCRG trail, west of CPB.  As soon as any of the remaining properties are developed along 40th Ave, , the stormwater pond will be built. A box culver is currently being built under 40th a



Kate gave report on the SCRG trail under Smith Road.  Denver Transit Partners have agreed to build a paved trail under the railroad track bridges and Smith Road. The new trail should be done this spring.  Kate passed out maps.  This new trail will provide excellent, safe connections to the new Central Park Station. Eric will do report on Central Park station and the NETC map showing bike/ped connections to the new station at the next PAG meeting.


The neighbors stated that few bike/ped people use Quebec because it does not seem safe because there are people living in tents.  People do not feel safe on the sidewalk that goes over I-270 especially after snow when the sidewalk is piled with snow and debris.  People asked for better lighting in that whole area. When SCRG is paved and more people are using the trail, it will be safer, hopefully.


Rachel asked if they could use the bridge over Sand Creek near Quebec as an art project – paint the concrete band with high school. Kate initially thought it was a good idea, but she thought that Rachel was talking about the SCRG ped bridge over Sand Creek under I-70. 


Kate discussed a potential trail from the SCRG near I-70 to the hotels south of I-70 and east of Quebec.  Denver Public Work and Parks & Rec are looking into this possible trail. Paul raised the issue of good connectivity though the neighbor around the hotels. Kate said that sidewalks under I-70 around the Quebec interchange will always be problematic for walkers because of the on-off ramps.   


Charlie noted that dirt is being moved in Filing 49 (Section 10).  In addition to the residential development, there will be ultimately be commercial along 56th Ave, in –tract parks in the filing and a splash park feature.  Forest City hopes to sell the first residential lots by the end of the summer.  


Grading for the homes and parks along 26th Avenue in Aurora is beginning very soon. PCMD will cut down the Siberian Elm trees with the grading. Kate discussed the important removal of invasive trees such as Russian olive and Siberian Elm trees, in order to plant native and urban-adapted trees for the next 50 years. At his request, Charlie will get plans to Jim Hannifin of the proposed development for his use.  Several questions were asked about lighting along the park trail and at Stanley Marketplace. The PAG will reach out to the Stanley developers to see where they are in design and construction.


Brad Dodson noted that DURA will come to the next CAB to talk about funding on Thursday, March 17 from 7:30 to 7:50.


Eric reported that that will be no cycletrack along 26th.  Forest City and the City of Denver favor traditional bike lanes on 26th avenue.


Eric from NETC report that the Central Park Station and East Corridor FasTracks opening is on April 23, 2016 from 10:00 to 2:00.  It is called Central Park Takes Flight street party. Sponsorship opportunities are still available.  


Charlie Oldaker said that the application for the NE Denver Leadership week is open and please recommend 10th or 11the graders for the session in June.


Adrienne Barton from Denver parks and Rec gave the following report:


Sand Creek Regional Greenway Trail – Master Plan Update:

·       Stream Design is currently working on finalizing the preferred alternatives based on the findings and feedback from the public meetings.  We will be working to finalize the document later this spring.

·       We are developing a scope to begin working on construction documents for implementation of several of the trail segments.  Funding will determine the full scope we will be able to move forward with.  We currently have funding to complete CD’s for a portion of the trail in Denver, but not all of the preferred alignments or connections identified in the plan update.


Westerly Creek North and Uplands Prairie


·       Scope: Confluence of Westerly & Sand Creek in Stapleton. The project includes re-alignment of westerly creek channel, repair of channel banks, restoration of riparian areas and upland grassland; creation wetland areas; a section of sand creek regional trail from Havana to Boston Street, pedestrian / bike bridge crossing and secondary trails and connections to the surrounding neighborhood. Design and Construction contracted through Park Creek Metro District. Mortensen is the CM/GC.


·       Status: 80% of all construction activities are complete on site including all concrete trails and new pedestrian bridge over westerly creek. Irrigation, seeding and planting is complete in Uplands East and east of the creek. Irrigation mainline is complete in Uplands west and west of the creek.  Irrigation laterals, crusher fines path, fine grading and seeding in uplands west and west of the creek will be completed by summer 2016. Concrete trail punch list in progress as weather permits.

·       Mortensen is working towards being able to open the project’s Sand Creek Regional Trail section (from Havana west to existing bridge over sand creek) and the eastern portions of the project on June 1st. This schedule is weather dependent.



The next PAG meeting is Tuesday, April 12 from 8:30 to 10:00 Room 200, 7350 E. 29th Ave.


At the next meeting Eric will do a report on connectivity to Central Park Station.


Someone will ask for a report from Stanley on connectivity.


Jay Henke will do report on SCRG Master Plan at the next PAG meeting.


Agenda Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Parks Advisory Group

Meeting at 8:30-10 AM

8:30 – 10:00 am



8:30           Introductions and February Minutes Approval


8:40           Neighborhood Partners Environmental Team: Lucia


8:50           Willow Park:  Neighborhood Concerns: Rachel Ellis Adams /Charlie Nicola

·       Connection to Stapleton on the south.  Neighbors want neighborhood to be pedestrian friendly and connected to Stapleton on the south of I70. Want pedestrian access to Post Office.

·       Intersection at 47th and CPB is not pedestrian friendly

·       Construction in park on Uinta and Prairie Meadows.

9:10:  Update Filing 49 and Aurora parcel: Charlie Nicola


9:15:  SCRG trail underpass at Smith Road Bridge over Sand Creek: Kate Kramer


9: 30:  Financial Report :  TBD


9:35: Update on Bicycle Lanes along 26th Avenue: Eric Herbst

Other Updates:


Stapleton MCA: Diane Deeter

Denver District11: Charlie Oldaker

Denver: Scott Gilmore

Bluff Lake Nature Center:  Jeff Lamontagne

Urban Farm; Mike Nick

                  Sand Creek Regional Greenway: Kate Kramer

Public Art: Barbara Neal

Denver Finance: Brad Dodson


Parks Advisory Group Meeting Minutes 12-10-13

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Parks Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting Minutes, January 14, 2014

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Parks Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting Minutes April 8, 2014

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Parks Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting Minutes August 12, 2014

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Parks Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting Minutes July 8, 2014

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Parks Advisory Group (PAG) Meeting Minutes May 13, 2014

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PAG Draft Minutes 2014 06 10

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October 8, 2013 Parks Advisory Group Meeting Minutes - Draft

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Citizen Advisory Board

Parks Advisory Group Meeting



Presented by: Lucia Correll

Reporting Period: October 8 , 2013


Paul Frohardt, resident; Dennis Piper. Parks Consultant PCMD; Brad Dodson, Denver Budget and Finance; Julie Siekmeier, resident; Carol Roberts, Front Porch; Amanda Schoultz, City Council District 11 Office; Sean Caffrey, Resident; Barbara Neal, Public Art, PCMD; Dana Prince, resident; Chris Story, Bluff Lake; Bryan Hyde, Westerly Creek Connection/Park Hill resident; Carol Roberts, Front Porch; Diane Deeter, MCA; Lyn Kathleen, SUN Board; Vern Adam, Aurora Water Board; Chris Ricciardiello, Aurora Parks; Elizabeth Lifebyre, Aurora Water; Brad Dodson, Denver  Department of Finance; Katie Lampe, Sand Creek Regional Greenway; Marica Johnson, Former Denver City Council; Melissa Toering, Aurora Water;  Lucia Correll, Corollary  Consultant/resident.

Absent: Donna Garnett, Urban Farm; Cheryl Cohen-Vader, SDC; Charlie Nicola, Forest City Vice President; Scott Gilmore, Denver Parks; Nancy Weil, At large resident; Chad Argentar, City of Aurora; Sam Ramirez, TMA Stapleton; Tia Cavender, Chase Park Grants/resident; Kate Kramer, Sand Creek Regional Greenway; Bob Searns, Green Team/Resident; Curt Bish: Principal Planner APROS;

Approval of Minutes: September minutes were approved.

Presentation of the Westerly Creek Connection;

PAG wants to thank the following presenters for an excellent presentation: MArica Johnson, David Marquardt, Chris Ricciardiello, Vern Adam, Melissa Toering and Elizabeth Lefebvre.

Marcia Johnson who nurtured and fostered the idea of the Westerly Creek Connection was present to introduce the topic and Denver and Aurora coordinated with PAG member Bryan Hyde to present the innovations between 11th Ave and Montview Blvd along Westerly Creek. Freedom Park has been constructed at 13th and Xenia.  Denver now has a grant for $1 M to do an additional piece of this corridor between 11th and 13th.  Aurora plans to realign Westerly Creek between Montview and 17th. This $3M FEMA grant will provide a pedestrian underpass under Montview Blvd. and remove 48 dwellings from the flood plain. 

The plan for Montview Park design is just getting underway but will be on a fast track because it must be completed by June 2015.  Aurora plans to bid the project by June 2014 and have nine months for construction.  A community input process will begin soon and PAG will be advised of community meetings.

The Anschutz Campus is an important factor in Aurora receiving this grant.  The Campus is projected to have 550,000 vehicle trips per day.   It is imperative that travel be unimpeded by floods. 

All presenters stressed the coordinated way in which the two cities and various agencies are approaching this project.

If anyone wants a copy of the presentation, contact Brian Hyde.


Guided Walks from Stapleton to Lowry

Brian Hyde will lead two walks beginning at 23rd and Beeler and ending in a Lowry location.  The walk will proceed along the route of Westerly Creek and Brian will point out the areas where Denver and Aurora are making improvements along the route from Stapleton to Lowry.  Lowry has many beautiful parks along Westerly Creek that can be used by all.  The walk is about three miles and should take approximately an hour.  If the group wishes we might enjoy happy hour at the Lowry Beer Garden after the Friday walk or a coffee after the Sat. morning walk.

Dates of Walks

Friday, October 18 at 3 PM

Sat, October 26th at 9:30 AM

Please RSVP to Brian Hyde ( or Lucia Correll (  We would like to know who is going to we can arrange for the return trip by car.


Uplands and Westerly Creek North

Dave Ericson, who is conducting the Environmental study for WCN and the Uplands could not be present.  He sent the following update: “ We have a draft Phase I ESA completed that is being reviewed internally.  We will be starting a field investigation in a couple of weeks”. 

Dennis Piper reminded the group that the last hurdle before completing design for WCN and the Uplands is a clean-environmental report from Dave Ericson. WCN is still stated to be the City’s number one priority once any required cleanup is complete.

Residents have a petition with about 80 signatories agreeing to recommendations for the Uplands area.  This letter was presented to SDC by the residents at the Sept. SDC meeting.  The residents report that all the addressees of their letter were present and are now aware of their concerns.

Residents who were present at the PAG meeting again raised the issue of so much funding being spent in Stapleton north of 1-70 while the parks south of I-70 are not complete.  They spoke about the residents who are angry because they paid $30K lot premiums for a house bordering the parkland seven years ago and have yet to see a constructed park.  Residents were concerned that the process is taking so long and felt that there needed to be a timeline and goal for Westerly Creek North construction to begin. They made the following motion which they asked be approved by PAG and brought to CAB.  It was approved by PAG.


"CAB greatly appreciates the City of Denver's commitment to make construction of Westerly Creek North Park a top priority, and to include the adjacent upland areas in the design process. CAB requests that the City make every effort to expedite the resolution of any remaining environmental issues and to complete the design process so that construction of Westerly Creek North Park can begin in the summer of 2014."


Long Term Park Planning:

From the inception of the Stapleton Development, it was known that there was insufficient funding to complete the Stapleton Park System. Funds were available for early phases of park development.  In the latter half of the development of Stapleton, we knew we would need to evaluate the remaining projects in light of construction costs, community needs, available funding and potential for additional funding.  

A group with representation from the Parks Advisory Group, the Citizens Advisory Group, Forest City, the City and County of Denver, the Stapleton Development Corporation and the Stapleton Foundation are beginning a review of the remaining park projects and assessing the resources dedicated to the completion of the parks.  The group wants to assess the costs need to complete the remaining parks and estimated the resources projected to be available in order to determine the gap in park funding.  The group will meet next on Oct 17th.

Monthly Updates

SDC Parks: Dennis Piper

Dennis reported that Forest City will be kicking-off the Section 10 General Development Plan (GDP) process at today’s Zoning and Planning Committee meeting. Dennis noted that it will be very important to make sure that the Forest City team and the long-term parks planning group work closely to assure the best outcomes.

Neighborhood Partners Environmental Team; Kate Lampe and Lucia Correll

Sand Creek Regional Greenway organized a special cleanup event after the flood. Sixty-eight volunteers came and worked along with Denver Open Space staff to clean Westerly Creek.  In October, there was another clean up day where volunteers, did repairs and collected trash.  Thank you to our volunteers.

Bluff Lake: Chris Story

Bluff Lake was hit hard by the flood.  They have had two volunteer clean up days already and have two more planned.  There is a tremendous amount of trash.  Chris will let us know if the next Neighborhood Partners Environmental Team event should be at Bluff Lake or back at Westerly Creek.

Public Art: Barbara Neal

Discussions will soon be underway regarding the Central Park Blvd/I70 Interchange.  Barbara would like to enlist community members north of Central Park to participate on an art selection committee.

Meeting Adjourned at 10:00AM.

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