SUN Board


 The SUN Board of Directors is currently comprised of the following Stapleton residents who have volunteered to serve their community:

A new Board was elected on May 18th and updates are coming!!!  There are still two open SUN Board positions.  If you are interested, please email the Board at
  • Amanda Allshouse, President (
  • Geoff Horsfall, Vice President (
  • Bryan Penny, Treasurer (
  • Mark Mehringer, Secretary (
  • Jea Arzberger (
  • Jeffrey Barron (
  • Greg Calderon (
  • Jeff Ederer (
  • Erin Jones (
  • Damon Knop (
  • Erin Parkins (
  • Mandle Rousseau (
  • Ben Whitney (


Board Meetings
The SUN Board of Directors usually meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7:30 to 9:00 pm at the Central Park Recreation Center on Martin Luther King Blvd and are open to the community. Please check the SUN Calendar for exact meeting times and locations. Due to storage limitations we are unable to store minutes and agendas on the website, for meeting minutes and other information, please email

SUN By-Laws

SUN is the registered neighborhood association for Stapleton and required to be registered with the Colorado Secretary of State office.  As a part of that registration we have official by-laws.  Click here for copies of the SUN By-laws.

The proposed SUN By-laws to be voted on in February 2019 can be viewed here.
2016-2017 SUN Board Members
Amanda Allshouse

Newly elected to serving SUN as president in 2016, I am looking forward to continuing to facilitate the communication across the community between residents, city officials, and businesses as the Stapleton neighborhood continues to take shape.  

I relocated to Stapleton from Chapel Hill, NC with my husband Ben and our dog Flounder, in May of 2007. In the years since, our family has grown as we have welcomed home our sons born in 2009 and 2012. I became a SUN block captain to better know our neighbors and in time to coordinate our first block party in 2008. A year later I joined the SUN board and became involved with the Outreach, Sustainability and Education Committees. The Sustainability committee hosted a sustainability seminar series in the fall of 2009, and planned Stapleton’s first Earth Night celebration the evening of Earth Day (April22) in 2010. My career is in research, I am an Instructor of Biostatistics in the Colorado School of Public Health. In the fall of 2009 I worked with the SUN education committee to collect and analyze data for the Stapleton Child Count to provide current estimates to Denver Public Schools of the number of children ages 0-4 in Stapleton. Prior to serving as SUN president I was chair of the SUN outreach committee, which involves being a resource for the block captain network and facilitating the monthly block captain/outreach meetings, and secretary for the SUN board.   

Jea Arzberger

Dr. Jea offers seventeen years of leadership experience. She possesses both a breadth and depth of experience incubating innovation to champion for children, families, and communities. Equipped with ten years of teaching experience, Jea became a Gifted and Talented Facilitator and Instructional Coach, and then led the development of downtown Denver’s first elementary school. Jea later developed Building Brilliance, a consulting company, which supports leaders in communities, government, industry, and education in achieving the extraordinary. Jea completed her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Educational Administration and Policy at the University of Denver. Her doctoral research focused on leading innovation and change. Additionally, she has completed the Get Smart Schools Fellowship to catapult leaders to achieve excellence. Jea earned her M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Northern Colorado, M.A. in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Arizona, and B.A. in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona. Through her work, she inspires individuals to disrupt their current ways of thinking, practice self-leadership, and become leaders of lives that transcend the ordinary.  


Jeffrey Barron

My family has lived in Stapleton since 2004, and we have two daughters who attended Westerly Creek and are now students at Bill Roberts. I am currently an Analyst with the Government Accountability Office (GAO), where I help the federal government improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs. I was also a writer and editor in the newsletter industry, and worked for a non-profit organization helping local communities set up farmers markets. In the 1990s I lived in Latin America and England, where I worked as a journalist and completed a Masters degree in Social Policy and Planning at LSE. I am also a trained legal, social, and family mediator.

Greg Calderon

The Stapleton/Northfield community has incorporated green construction techniques with contemporary designs. I am an avid cyclist and admire how Stapleton will merge with the natural habitats that the community has planned. I would like to participate in the growth of the Stapleton/Northfield community. I believe that I can make a contribution to its evolution of this community in the city of Denver. As a consultant in Information TechnoIogy, I specialized in inte- grating existing computer systems in Banking, Health Care and State Local governments. I completed my undergraduate studies of the College of the City of New York. After com- pleting 3 years of service in the Army I completed an MBA in Quantitative Analysis & Systems while working In Grumman Data Systems and Chase Manhattan Bank. Using my educational background, I worked for several major banks as an employee and eventually migrated to software and consulting firms including IBM. 

Jeff Ederer 

After 32 years working in higher education, it was time for me to realize a new dream. That has led me to launch College Route Map, an educational consulting firm providing guidance for high school students who want to explore their options and find the best college fit for their interests, talents, resources and goals. I have extensive knowledge and decades of experience empowering families to become partners with the university as they help their children pursue their dreams. Additionally, I am often asked to provide consulting for groups and institutions on leadership development, team building, social justice education, and strategic planning initiatives. I have lived in Eastbridge since 2005 and along with my family and friends I have enjoyed our neighbors, parks, walks, sunrises, sunsets, and all of the great people, places, and events that can be found throughout our community.

Geoff Horsfall

A Denver resident since 2006, I moved to Stapleton in 2015 with my wife, Jaime. As the parents of two young daughters, we chose Stapleton for the community it offers our family. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help support and advance all of the things that make our neighborhood unique. Since joining the SUN Board in February of 2017, I've been an active member of the Sustainability and Education Committees. I have an MBA from CU-Boulder and experience as a small business owner. I've spent my career in educational publishing and technology, developing content and software for K-12 students as well as post-secondary and career-oriented learners. Our family loves taking advantage of Stapleton's great parks, the quick access to a growing list of restaurants, and getting together with other families in the neighborhood.

Erin Jones

I am a proud Denver native and have lived all around the Metro area and Southern California where my husband was station with the Marine Corps, but decided on putting roots down in Stapleton for the great community, new development, accessibility, and amenities. I live in the 29th Ave. neighborhood with my husband, son (born in 2011), daughter (born in 2013), and dog. I enjoy being involved in the community through casual socialization or proceedings focusing on schools or events. My professional background is in the financial services and accounting industry- I worked at Wells Fargo for five years while going to college and graduated from Mira Costa with a political science degree and from Metro with an accounting degree. I then became a CPA and worked in public accounting for three years as an auditor and in 2013 joined the internal audit group at CH2M Hill. I joined the board in 2012 and am honor to be among such a dynamic collection of individuals and excited for the possibilities that we can do as a group for the community.

Damon Knop

My family and I have lived in Stapleton since 2006 in the Eastbridge neighborhood. Our children have attended Westerly Creek, Bill Roberts and DSST and are awesome. My wife, Katie and I own our family Real Estate business, Distinctive Properties and are both Denver natives, so we sell all over town but are very vested in helping all of us have a great neighborhood to live in here in Stapleton. I have been on the SUN board since 2007 and have served in many roles. Secretary, Vice-President on the Board and inclusivity committee and with the Citizen's Advisory Board, Housing and Diversity Committee, Communications. I am very interested in helping Stapleton have a wide range of homes and residents.

I also represent SUN with the Greater Stapleton Business Association in helping our local business communicate and thrive in this community. I have enjoyed my time with SUN and will continue to do my best to help moving this neighborhood in a great direction.

Mark Mehringer

Mark had intermittently been a SUN board member over the past 9 years, and most recently rejoined the board in May 2017.  Mark's interests are centered on sustainability and building community around sustainability. Mark and his spouse moved to the South End of Stapleton in 2005, and he volunteered to serve as a SUN Block Captain soon after. In the time since, Mark has opened his own public opinion consulting firm and become a parent to two great kids, Leah and Maddox. Mark has served as SUN President and on the Education, Outreach, and Sustainability Committees.

Bryan Penny
Having been a resident of Stapleton since 2003, I have to say I have no regrets making the move. I got involved in SUN at a meeting in a pocket park in late 2003 and have enjoyed my time in the organization. I am the Treasurer of the SUN Board. While this position isn’t as glamorous as some of the other positions, I enjoy the position and it is one of the necessary evils with any organization. I am also currently the webmaster for the SUN website and think it continues to be a work in process.  In addition to the SUN Board, I am also serving as one of the residents’ representatives on the Stapleton Public Art Committee. I’m very proud of the projects that have been installed to date.  Professionally, I am a Vice President for Nordstrom’s Credit Division. I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois in Economics and Accounting and an MBA from Webster University in St. Louis.  I have lived in Denver since 2000. I live with my husband, Matt and our two cats. I also have a son, Dion, who lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL. My hobbies are traveling, working around the house and bridge.

Erin Parkins

A San Francisco Bay Area native, my partner Mike and I moved to Denver in 2013, after falling more in love with Colorado every time we visited our friends in Thornton. We bought our house in Conservatory Green in 2015, and were drawn to the neighborhood for its multitude of parks and proximity to downtown while still being in a tight-knit, suburban community. I've worked at education solutions companies my entire career, and am currently on the Product Marketing team at Turnitin, an education technology company focused on academic integrity solutions. My bachelor's degree is in English with a focus on rhetoric, and I'm passionate about reading and writing and how words shape community. My interests for joining the Board are to promote and drive sustainability programs and develop strategies to ensure our community incorporates diversity and inclusivity into all programming. In the summer, you can find me at the Runway 35 pool, riding my bike to the Stanley, or training for my annual half-marathon. Since I'm a California girl at heart, in the winter you can find me hibernating at home, snuggling with my dog and two cats, knitting, and baking.

Mandle R. Rousseau

My wife and I are Central Park residents. I am also a Denver native. After living in separate states, commuting back and forth between Denver and Arizona, my wife accepted a job in Colorado. We decided to move to the Central Park area from Park Hill in August of 2016. I own and operate Control FREQ, a home automation and systems integration company I launched in 2005. I was a founding member of the Rotary Club of Five Points Cultural District. I also served as the Director of Media for more than 14 years at Colorado Christian Fellowship in Aurora, Colorado. Serving the community in various ways has been both challenging and rewarding. I look forward to contributing to positive change in the world.

Ben Whitney

My wife and I moved to Stapleton in November of 2012.  We were looking to start a family and were drawn to this neighborhood by the schools, parks, and general sense of community that we knew would make it a great neighborhood to raise kids in.  We have two kids now, a 4 year old son and a 2 year old daughter.

Although my favorite job is dad, I spend most of my days working as a lawyer.  I am a Chief Deputy District Attorney at the Weld County District Attorney’s Office in Greeley.  I have been a prosecutor there for 10 years.  In that role I have prosecuted every kind of case from traffic infractions to first degree murder.  I enjoy the work, and the feeling that I get knowing that my job every day is to do justice and do what I can to make the community safer.

As a prosecutor I work very closely with the police and others who work in the area of public safety.  My time in prosecution has given me a solid understanding of both the possibilities and challenges of police work in the area of community safety.  I believe that my experience in these areas would enable me to be an effective liaison between the Stapleton community and the police and those in government.  I am very excited about the possibility of getting to work for my fellow neighbors through SUN.