SUN and Community Committees and Boards

SUN has several committees that are open to community involvement.  Please see the brief descriptions below and please contact the committee chair or SUN ( if you'd like to get involved.  If there is more information for a committee/group, there name will be highlighted and you can click on the link to be taken to that page.   Please check the SUN Calendar for most current meeting time and information.

SUN Committees                                                                        

Transportation Committee - Greg Calderon
  • The SUN Transportation committee works with Forest City, CAB and the City and County of Denver on traffic and transportation issues. 
Outreach Committee - Chair Gloria DuBois
  • The Outreach Committee has responsibility for the Block Captain Network, and Block Party Day.  The Outreach Committee meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:30 at the Central Park Recreation Center Multipurpose Room.
  • The Safety Committee works as the liaison with the Denver Police Department, Stapleton Cop Shop and the Outreach Committee.  The Safety Committee is responsible for the Neighborhood Watch Program.
Sustainability Committee - Chair Geoff Horsfall
  • The Sustainability Committee is working to make our neighborhood a greener place! 
Education Committee - Chair Jennifer Arzberger
  • The Education Committee has the responsibility to be the liaison with the Denver Schools in and around Stapleton as well as working with the Stapleton Foundation on its education initiatives.
  • This committee coordinates/manages SUN's Annual Kickball Tournament, scheduled for August 8th in 2015.


Community Boards and Committees                                    

Stapleton Foundation       
In 1995, the Stapleton Foundation published the Stapleton Master Development Plan, commonly known as the Green Book, in partnership with the Citizens Advisory Board (CAB), the Stapleton Tomorrow Committee and the City and County of Denver.  This partnership successfully encouraged Mayor Wellington Webb and the Denver City Council to officially adopt the Green Book and to create the Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC) to implement the vision of the Green Book.  More than ten years later, the Master Development Plan is still considered a visionary model of how cities can break the pattern of urban sprawl. 
Click here to see a presentation done by Rich Gonzales, CFO of Stapleton Development Corp on the funding sources for development within Stapleton.

Stapleton Development Corporation

In November 1995, the City and County of Denver and the Denver Urban Renewal Authority (DURA) signed a cooperation agreement to create the private, non-profit Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC) as a vehicle to lease and sell Stapleton property. SDC has 11 voting directors. DURA appoints two directors and the Mayor of Denver appoints nine. Denver City Council must confirm all eleven directors. There are five additional ex-officio directors - the Manager of Aviation, the City Council member, whose district includes the property, a member of the Citizens Advisory Board and two persons representing Commerce City and Aurora.

SDC was created to serve as the primary vehicle for selling and leasing Stapleton and entered into a Master Lease and Disposition Agreement (MLD) with the City in July 1998. The MLD gives SDC the responsibility to maintain and lease Stapleton for 15 years, an option to purchase the property, and the authority to sell parcels for uses consistent with the Stapleton Development Plan.

Citizens Advisory Board - Co-Chairs David Netz and Lucia Correll, (SUN Members Damon Knop)
  • The Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) was initially established by Denver Mayor Webb in 1993. CAB’s role changed in 1995 to advise the newly created Stapleton Development Corporation (SDC). CAB members consist of community and business leaders. CAB provides community input to SDC via one non-voting seat on its Board.  Monthly CAB Meetings are generally held the 3rd Thursday each month at 7:30 am at Stapleton Dev Corp 7350 E. 29th Ave 3rd Floor CR (29th Ave Town Center).  
SUN/CAB Communications Committee - Damon Knop (SUN Contact)
  • The committee is focused on providing an opportunity and vehicle to discuss and improve communications in the community via existing organizations such as SUN (Stapleton United Neighbors), adjoining neighborhood associations, CAB, SDC and Forest City to improve communications.  This committee is responsible for the twice yearly Community Forums (in the spring and fall). 
          CAB Housing Diverity Committee - Damon Knop (SUN Contact)
  • The committee is focused on ensuring the Stapleton Master Plan goals for housing diversity and the Stapleton Affordable Housing Plan are achieved.
          CAB Parks Advisory Group (PAG) - Lucia Correll (SUN Contact)
  • The committee discusses parks issues and opportunities. Focused on ensuring the Green Book and Stapleton Parks and Recreation Master Plan goals for parks and open space are achieved.  The PAG may discuss City of Denver park issues however, that is not their focus.  Meeting minutes are found here.
          CAB Zoning and Planning Committee - Amanda Allshouse (SUN Contact) 
  • The committee focused on ensuring the Green Book goals for the community are achieved with regard to development.
          CAB Design Review Committee - Open 
  • This committee is comprised of professional architects and development professionals has the responsibility of reviewing all aspects of the Stapleton development.  These meetings are open to the public but do NOT provide for public comments in the meetings.
Park Creek Metropolitan District (PCMD)/Westerly Creek Metropolitan District (WCMD) - Open
  • PCMD and WCMD are the official government bodies that were establish to monitor and authorize expenditures for the development of Stapleton (including the additional property tax mill levy).
  • All projects funded by public bond money (of which Stapleton is one of) are by law required to set aside 1% for public art.  The Stapleton Public Art Committee is charged with identifying projects, selecting artist and ensuring proper completion of the projects.