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Stapleton United Neighbors (SUN) is the registered neighborhood association for the Stapleton area. Our mission is threefold: to provide a forum for our residents; to maintain a communication network between ourselves, our neighboring Denver residents, and the city of Denver; and to act on issues of importance to the community as a whole.

SUN is comprised solely of volunteer neighbors and serves as the registered neighborhood organization for Stapleton, discussing key issues with neighbors, representing their interests, engaging in proactive problem-solving, and organizing neighborhood-building activities. See the latest news about SUN below, or click on one of the links to the left to find out more about our various committees.
The SUN Board Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, except in July, November, and December.  The SUN Outreach Committee usually meets at 6:30 pm, followed by the SUN Board Meeting 7:30-8:45 pm.  The meetings are held at the Central Park Recreation Center at 9651 E. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Denver 80238.  The community is welcome to attend both meetings. Check the calendar section for the next meeting.

Board meeting agendas can be found here.

Information for the Community Forum on May 19th

Click here for notes from the Forum.

Click here to get a view of the report from the State of Colorado Demography Office on the demographics of Stapleton.

Stapleton Community Input

SUN is always looking for input from the community.  If you have questions about the community, please send an email to StapletonUnitedNeighbors@gmail.com or complete the form below. We will do our best to answer your questions.  It is important to provide an email contact so we can answer your question.

The latest Stapleton Community Survey by SUN has been closed.  You can view the overall results here.

Stapleton Park Update from City of Denver

SUN received this letter from the City of Denver regarding parks in Section 10.

Dear Stapleton Neighbors,

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your concerns about the city’s future plans in Stapleton.  Unfortunately, there has been some incorrect information regarding the sports complex that was proposed to be located in Section 10 of the Stapleton development.

Please let us reassure you that the city will build a sports complex in this part of the Stapleton neighborhood.  Early plans for the complex called for it to be located north of 56th Ave., within a series of parks/open space that are being developed.  After looking closely at those plans and discussing them with the community, including the Stapleton Citizens Advisory Board (Parks Advisory Group) and the Stapleton Development Corporation, it was decided that the build-out of the sports complex would have less of any adverse impact on the residential neighborhood in Section 10 if it were located to the south of 56th Ave.

With that suggestion in mind, planners began to evaluate a location to the south of 56th.  What they found was an incredible opportunity to use the location of the Stapleton High School, currently under construction, as the anchor for the planned Stapleton Sports Complex.

By planning the sports complex in this location, the adverse impact on the immediate neighborhood in Section 10 from lighted ball fields and parked cars is severely reduced or eliminated.  As the high school is built out, fields for football, baseball and softball are part of the current plans.  Those fields will serve as an anchor to the additional sports fields that the city will work to have built as sources of funding for the complex become available.  This location also includes space for off-street parking and is adjacent to a large commercial warehouse, where noise and lights from evening activities won’t be mere steps from residents’ homes.

What has yet to be determined is what amenities will be delivered at the site.  In addition, back on the north side of 56th Ave., where future parks/open space are currently being planned, Denver Parks and Recreation will also determine if it is appropriate to add more multi-use sports fields within those parks that can be permitted for daytime activities. I can assure you that we will absolutely involve the community as we move forward with the planning process and need to make more specific decisions about the facility.

Again, we want to thank you for taking the time to write and for bringing this to the administration's attention.  We agree that Section 10 is an important part of the Stapleton neighborhood and we share your commitment to the benefits the Stapleton Sports Complex will bring to the community.

City Leadership Team

Eastbridge Town Center Update - May, 2014

Below is the latest update from Forest City on the grocery store in Eastbridge.  Forest City will be presenting an update on the Community Forum on May 19th, 6:30pm at Central Park Recreation Center. 

SUNs response to Forest City on the Eastbridge Town Center development Plan is post here

Please continue to submit your questions in advance in the box on this page below.  Questions provided in advance will be given priority at the Forum.

UPDATE:  A meeting was held on June 13th with King Soopers.  Details of the meeting are posted here.

Forest City Response to SUN Comment Questions (including additional questions answered on May 27th) are posted here.

From April 22nd.

We provide the following narrative to clarify misunderstandings about the development of Eastbridge.

As reported by the Front Porch on Friday, Forest City is working with King Soopers to bring a grocery store to Eastbridge. This has led to some misunderstandings about what is planned for the balance of the property, specifically with respect to a gas station and the ability to develop a town center.  The following summary is designed to provide updated and factual information about that proposed development.

 King Soopers is evaluating the feasibility of building a store of about 58,000sf, which is about the size of their current store at Stapleton.  They would also like to provide a gas station. The store would be located between west and eastbound MLK, adjacent to Havana and facing west.  The gas pumps would be located on the block to the east, across Havana, adjacent to the car wash. This location does not compromise the ability to bring a town center to Eastbridge.

 A town center has always been planned for Eastbridge and still is. Town centers take on different forms. E.29th is organized around a street. The center in Eastbridge is planned to be organized around a plaza intended to be a community gathering place.  The total square footage of retail space in the center is expected to be 15,000 to 18,000sf, large enough to accommodate restaurants and neighborhood services organized around the plaza. This is also of a scale that increases viability. A center too large risks failure and empty storefronts.   Viability is also directly dependent on a grocer anchoring the site.

 In 2009 King Soopers proposed building their first Fresh Fare store of about 35,000 sf. The investment committee that reviews all new King Soopers projects did not approve the store. The current Fresh Fare located at Hampden and University is not performing to King Soopers’ expectations and as a result, King Soopers does not plan to build this type of store again. In addition to the King Soopers Fresh Fare store, Forest City has approached numerous other smaller grocers on multiple occasions before and after 2009. These include Lucky's Market, Tony's Meats, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Alfalfas, Sprouts, Marczyk's, and Trader Joes. None of these stores felt Eastbridge was a viable location for their business.

 As the process for bringing a grocery-anchored town center to Eastbridge moves forward, Forest City will work with Stapleton United Neighbors to provide our community with continual updates as new information becomes available.

Updated Site plan information from April 24th.  Click here for the latest site plans.

In response to numerous requests, attached is a "concept plan" for the Eastbridge retail development. It is called a concept plan because it is just that, a concept for the development providing a direction for final site planning and design. In this case the concept is to locate the grocer to the east end of the site and a town center organized around a plaza to the west.  A gas station would be located east of Havana adjacent to the existing car wash. This plan suggests a town center of 22,000sf  with shops and services located in two buildings.

The grocer will execute the development of their store and a third party developer selected by Forest City will execute the development of the town center based upon this concept plan. The third party developer will make the final determination about variables such as the total square footage, types of uses, number of restaurants, number of buildings, building heights, organization of buildings, configuration of the plaza and what, if any, amenities may be in the plaza, such as a water feature, play area, etc.  However, the conceptual direction of the grocer to the east, town center organized around a plaza to the west, with shared parking in between, a pedestrian linkage from the town center to the grocer, and the number of parking spaces will not materially change. Also under evaluation is a pedestrian connection along the drive aisle on Geneva Court.

The goal for this development is for the grocer and shops to open at roughly the same time. This will be subject to the grocer's final approval of the store and the third party developer's success in preleasing a majority of the shop space, as no lender will provide financing for a speculative, (i.e. little to no preleased) center.



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