Sunshine Smile Publications is delighted to showcase the very talented Ginger Nielson!

Ginger is an author and illustrator who strives to create a journey for the children who read her picture books. She believes that when a picture book is opened, a key is turned revealing the treasure within. Whether she paints traditionally and digitally, her goal is to create enjoyment, excitement, a bit of action or drama and tell a story within each picture. Her illustrations are delightful and it is a pleasure to showcase this small sample of her work. Enjoy!

Fantastic Animals!

Adorable Bear Cubs!

These bear cubs are from a beautiful, work-in-progress picture book.

Illustration Technique

Having been trained as a traditional painter in oils and acrylics I discovered computer software that can mimic most of the painting techniques that I would use and have managed to combine both my traditional and digital work into something I loosely call "Tradigital."  I still do a great deal of pencil and pen sketching as well as painting, but my work is finished in the computer using high end painting programs such as Painter and Photoshop.  It is still "painting" and all the work is my original creation. There is more about the process and my work space on my website along with some articles that may be helpful to other illustrators for children's books.

Q & A with Ginger Nielson, Author Illustrator

What are you working on at the moment?

Sometimes, as I am this month, I work on two projects alternately.  They are quite different in nature and that makes my day in the studio much more interesting.  Since I can go back and forth from one to the other it is almost like taking a break.  One project is a very colorful picture book with simple lines and color, with very interesting combinations of animals and their antics. The other book requires more detail and a more realistic approach but together they give me both the freedom and control that help me to become a better artist.
I just finished a series of ten 3 and 4 foot full color circus posters that are being used in a children’s summer theater play in our town.  I usually paint sets for the summer production each year. Some are as large as the entire stage and others like these are smaller pieces that fit together. It is rewarding work, but a bit hard on the body *:)

Is there anything you're busy promoting?

This September several books that I illustrated will be released. One of those books is one that I wrote and illustrated for 4RV Publishing LLC, here in the US.  “Gunther the Underwater Elephant” will be coming to an ocean near you this fall. The little elephant becomes an unlikely hero with an inventive plan of action that involves his entire elephant family.

Can you recommend a children's book that you've recently enjoyed?

There are dozens of picture books that make me want to just sit down and paint or draw for hours.  One that captivated me was The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  The style and format of the book are as intriguing as the excellent illustrations. The other thing I love about the book is that the author is also the illustrator. Any picture book or story book with wonderful artwork will make me reach for it and immediately sit down to explore it in detail.

Do you have a piece of advice for beginning illustrators?

There are three things that I would like to share with others
1.) The advice my dad gave me in three words has always been my motto, "Take a chance!"
2.) The advice my favourite art teacher gave me... "draw what you see, not what you think you see."
3.) The advice I give myself everyday... Draw, draw, draw.

Cheerful Children!

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