About Us

The Older People’s Action Program provides older people who may be at risk of social isolation with activities and opportunities to extend and strengthen their personal and community connectedness. The program also works to strengthen the capacity of community services to be aware of and respond to the needs of older people who are at risk of social isolation.

The Older People’s Action Program covers Social Participation and Safe and Confident Living projects. These projects include:

Providing information and referral to clients;

  • Social and personal development activities to increase older people’s social participation in the community and increasing their sense of safety and security in their communities;

  • Coordinated groups and activities that enhance older people’s participation in community activities and in doing so, strengthen their sense of community connection and enhance their quality of life;

  • Providing information, resources and advice to agencies to increase their skills and knowledge of matters relating to seniors and in particular crime prevention strategies for older people.

  • Flexible and innovative strategies are developed at the community level to encourage older people at risk of social isolation to maintain and extend their participation in community activities and in so doing, strengthen their sense of community connection and enhance their quality of life.

 Outcomes of the Program

  • Older people maintain and extend their participation in their communities
  • The community has positive attitudes towards older people and the social issues that affect them
  • Community services respond to the social issues affecting older people.

    Our Vision Statement

To work with the Sunshine Coast community, providing older people with the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge which contributes to their health and well being and improves their quality of life.

Management Committee

President:                     David Lowe 
Secretary:                     Heather Myers
Assistant Secretary:
Treasurer:                     Greg Chalmers
Committee Member:
     Margot Gray
Committee Member:
     Sharon McDonald
Committee Member:     John Finlay
Committee Member: 
Manager:                                 Joy Morwood
Community Liaison Officer:     Tracey Stirton 
Case Worker:                           Karis Ross

At Sunshine 60 and Better Group Inc our volunteers are invaluable to the running of the organisation. At anytime of the year there are between 20 and 40 volunteers working in various roles. We have:

Website Administrator - keeping our website breezy and up to date.

Computer Tutors - helping you to get the best out of the latest tech gadgets. 

Bus Drivers - delivering you safely to pleasant places around the coast and beyond.

Cleaners - keeping the place shiny and spotless. 

Gardeners - keeping the grounds looking their best. 

Administrators - beavering away keeping membership records and financial records. 

Reception Desk Assistants - busy people who can always find time for you. 

Activity Facilitators - now where would we be without them! And last but not least, 

Management Committee Members - keeping a keen eye on the bottom line.