Who We Are

Sunset Paranormal Research and Investigation is an independent research project run 
primarily by the director.   All other members of the project team
are classified as either Assistant Investigators or Consultants
We are looking for assistant investigators and consultants. If you have any relevant skills - Investigation, Technical, Photography, Sales and Marketing, Historical, 
Computer/Web and psychic - and would like to help,
Please send me an e-mail to apply at SunsetParanormal@gmail.com
 All positions are on a voluntary basis only.  We do not pay for services.
Members should be motivated by their personal interest in the paranormal.

~ Serious inquiries only ~
Assistant investigators must be able and willing to travel
and should be available as needed for investigation
Founder / Director
David Miller

I became involved in paranormal investigation as a result of various religious, metaphysical, and cultural studies. My interest began    back in the 1980’s where a group of friends and myself formed a small group to investigate various local paranormal sites, including Dudlytown, and Village of the Little People.  Since then I have been  on a numerous investigations, most recently in locations such as the Marlborough Tavern, Deep River, Library, the U.S.S. Salem, Houghton Mansion, Eastern State Penitentiary, and various Private Households.

I have a degree in mechanical engineering, with minor studies in industrial/organizational psychology, and interests in theoretical physics and quantum mechanics.  My other related interests include ritual theory, religion, mythology, and other occult studies. 

My study has always been scientific in nature, believing that  unknown and paranormal activity exists because we do not know enough  about the workings our world,and ourselves
 to sufficiently define it.  One  of my goals in the field of Parapsychology and Paranormal Research  is to attempt to understand and define the observer influence 
on paranormal activity and unexplained phenomenon.