Mission Statement


Sunset Paranormal is an independent research project that provides investigation into paranormal claims.

As researchers, we attempt to understand how and why people experience paranormal activity. Our goal is to determine the relationship between the individual claimants and the nature of their paranormal experiences.  We do this by documenting claims and collecting relevant background information on each case, then comparing the data to find patterns or trends that support the conditions of the paranormal experience.

As investigators, we attempt to find evidence to support natural explanations for paranormal experiences.   We do not seek to prove or disprove the existence of spirits or ghosts, only to find alternative explanations that may have been overlooked and provide a second opinion if requested by the client.  Investigations are provided on a case by case basis.



To define and document the relationship between a paranormal event and the person or people experiencing it based upon the following criteria:

1. The influence of lifestyle, beliefs, and education upon a person's experience with the paranormal.

2. The influence of experiences with paranormal upon a person's behavior, the way they relate to world around them, and their overall outlook on life.

3. The influence of classic paranormal claims and social media and its influence on the way people understand and experience the paranormal.