Sunset Paranormal

Established January 1, 2011      


Welcome to 

Sunset Paranormal Research and Investigation

Sunset PRI is an independent research group.
Our goals are: 

To collect, compare, and analyze various claims of paranormal activity. 

To better understand the nature of paranormal experiences and claims.

Education and support of progressive studies in the paranormal field

Since our focus is primarily on research data, Sunset PRI takes a scientific 
approach to paranormal investigation. Here are some of the differences: 

We collect claim data online as well and confirm through 
in-person interviews and investigation.

We focus on the claimant and claims rather than the location, 
the claimant is included in all aspects of the investigation.

We do not try to prove or disprove the existence of “Ghosts”
we focus on how and why people experience the paranormal.

We do not treat data (Photos, recordings, other information) as 
paranormal evidence; Data is only used to support claims.

We never publicly release information about claimants, claims, or data 
collected during investigations. (Data may be anonymously used in 
presentations or shared with other researchers in collaboration.) 

If you have come to this page because you are experiencing
what you believe to be paranormal activity;
Please fill out our online form and consider setting up an interview
so that we can further investigate and confirm your claims.
or click on  Claim Submission  in our main menu

Claims are the foundation of our research.  Please share information about
your paranormal experiences even if you do not want  an interview.

Thank you for visiting our web site.

Confidentiality Statement

           We completely respect your privacy; therefore our policy is to not reveal the names or specific addresses of our clients to anyone for any reason without the client’s written permission. 

We may use evidence (including video and audio evidence, but not client interviews) from our investigations in our writings, presentations and website, but, always anonymously regarding the client unless otherwise specified.

All of our services are provided free of charge and at no time will we ask you for money.

Our code of conduct policies conform to CIPRIS International Standards
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