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At Sunset High School's Key Club, volunteering is the top priority. With "Caring - Our Way of Life" as the club motto, members go above and beyond to improve and assist in the lives of others. Key Club has more than 100 active members and continues to grow. These members dedicate hours on end to help out in their community. Past projects included school supplies drives, park and library cleanups, blood drives, and fundraisers for AIDS and leukemia patients.

Our 2013-2014 Key Club Board:
President: Natalie Valent (natalie.valent21@gmail.com)
Vice President: Julia Tran (julia.tran715@gmail.com)
Secretaries: Michelle Lo (3michelle.lo@gmail.com)
                     Kaelan Patel (kaelanp@gmail.com)
Treasurer: Jennifer Lo (
Editor: Maddie Leonard (madeline.a.leonard@gmail.com)

Faculty Advisors: 
Michelle Marsh, English Dept. michelle_marsh@beaverton.k12.or.us

Kiwanis Advisor:
Mose Walker
Myron Pasichny

Thank you 2012-2013 Officers!
President: Sarah Rausch
Vice President: Ailin Jiang 
Secretaries: Zuri Johnson
                Rachel Conover
Treasurer: Rahul Bilakanti
Editor: Georgeann Booth

See our Facebook Page for more updates! Meetings are every Friday (expect when the school is closed) after school.