1. What is unique about the IB Program?

The Theory of Knowledge Course, the 4,000 word extended essay, the CAS, and the two year commitment to six areas of study, plus tests scored using international standards combine to make the program unique.

2. How do IB classes compare with AP classes?

IB and AP courses feature college level curriculum. IB uses international standards of excellence; AP uses national standards of excellence. IB is a diploma"program"; AP allows students to take one or more courses which are not necessarily connected. IB Higher Level exams are recognized for college credit; AP exams are also recognized for college credit. As part of the external assessments, IB has an oral component in most classes; AP has an oral component in foreign language only. Full diploma IB students prepare for exams in all areas; AP students generally choose AP exams in their area of strength.

3. What is a typical IB student profile?

IB honors diversity, but what the students have in common is their love to learn and their high motivation.

4. How much homework is involved in this program?

The average is three hours a night, but it varies. The average increases around major project and test dates. IB teachers at Sunset coordinate their major project due dates so as not to overload the students.

5. If a student did not take a foreign language in middle school, will that be a problem?

No, a student will be prepared to take a foreign language exam if he/she starts in the 9th grade.

6. What do colleges think about the IB program?

Most colleges recognize IB Diploma students as extremely well-prepared for the challenges of college work. Oregon State University, for example, has announced that IB diploma students will receive sophomore standing and a $2,000 Provost scholarship if they receive a score of 30 or higher on their exams. To find out more about college credit, go to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) web site, click on Services, then University Recognition , then enter the college or university name and click search, and then click again on the college name to find out their IB credit policy.