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Important Dates



In an effort to inform freshmen and sophomores about the requirements of the IB Program and to establish a rapport with others of similar interest, students are expected to attend IB Seminars held during the year for sophomores and three times for freshman.  These seminars are held in the auditorium during Apollo time on the following dates:

                     October 10th    December 9th    February 10th    June 4th



Any junior enrolled in an IB course who has never attended a seminar or who wishes more information about the program should contact Mr. Kobrowski in the IB Office located at the corner of A and 2 Halls.  In order to take an IB exam, students must register in October.  In addition, Juniors should note the following required meeting dates:  


October 6th at 6:30 p.m. in the Commons. 

            Exam Registration Meeting for Diploma and Certificate Students and Parents                     (Registration forms will be distributed at this time and are due to the business office no later than October 21st)


November 30th during Apollo time in the Auditorium Extended

Essay Requirements Seminar.  Required meeting for Junior Diploma students


All IB Juniors and Seniors are also required to attend the following seminars held during Apollo time in the auditorium on the dates noted.

    Sept. 14th                                    Nov. 4th

                   Feb. 10th(pre-forecasting)        March 13th (extended essay topics)                       

                   Apr. 11th (all IB test takers)     June 4th  (summer meeting plans)


Those seniors completing the Full Diploma will have deadlines to meet during the year. Following is a partial list of some of these deadlines.


  • September 28th:  Extended Essay Outline due to Ms. Yi. 
    • Ms. Yi will distribute outlines to extended essay supervisors to prepare for outline conference.
  • October 6th:  Registration night at 7:00 p.m. in the Commons
    • Required Exam Registration Meeting for Diploma and Certificate Students and Parents.
  • November 2nd:  Must complete Outline conference with extended essay             supervisor
  • January 3rd  Two copies of first draft extended essay is due
  • February 6th Must complete first draft conference with supervisor
  • February 23rd Final copies of Extended Essay due to Ms. Yi

Senior Diploma Candidates will also have Advisory together with Mr. Kobrowski for the school year.   Ms. Yi will be meeting with Full Diploma students during IB Senior Advisory throughout the year.