Code of Conduct

We hope you have a wonderful experience at Celebration Weekend!  To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, please note the following rules:

1. Park only where designated

2. No trespassing on private property surrounding Sunset grounds

3. No public intoxication, fighting, or rowdiness

4. No solicitation, handing out of literature, or banners, except by paid sponsors and exhibitors.

5. Event may deem what is “safe” to ensure public safety and has the right to remove anyone exhibiting “unsafe”   

6. No pets inside the event

7. Menlo Park residents wishing to pass through the event without a paid ticket must be escorted  

8. Conduct that interferes with event activities or movements is prohibited

9. Conduct that restricts or prevents event employees from performing their duties or conduct (including by way of 
        example, obstruction, noise, or the display of banners or objects) that prevents or disrupts the event

We reserve the right to remove from the event anyone who does not follow the Code of Conduct.

Thank you!