Suns and Moons Within
Unlocking Inner Wisdom through Healing and Ceremony



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Maria Gharakhanian
Shamanic Practitioner
 Reiki Master and Teacher


I firmly believe that we have vast universes within us - within our bodies, minds and emotions - universes mainly unknown to us, caught as we are with our daily lives, our families, friends, work or school.  When we stop, either minutes or hours, to notice the beauty in nature and in the face of our loved ones, to reflect on our inner thoughts and emotions, we begin to explore the vastness we have within and we start to heal and grow.  We also begin to better appreciate our complexity, see our inner beauty and discover the unique gifts and talents we bring to the world to enrich ourselves and others.  And as we accept and apply our unique gifts and talents, we unlock deeper layers of inner wisdom, because it is through our gifts and talents that our souls talk and guide us.   We then access greater Grace.  We learn to attract more beauty and well-being to ourselves.  We also come to realize that we are not alone, can never be alone, but that all living beings surrounding us – the people, plants and animals in our life, the angels and spirit allies – are the teachers and mentors who love, nurture, protect and guide us.

 I am a Shamanic Practitioner and a Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui and Karuna traditions.  I practice core shamanism.  I am also a mesa carrier of the Q'ero Indians of Peru.  By healing and ceremony, listening and laugher, I will support you through your life's challenges and changes, to help you unlock your talents and find greater beauty, peace and joy within and without you. 


In love and light,