Welcome to Nancy Young's ATS® belly dance student troupe!


Nancy Young, director

Students proficient at Level 1 or higher are invited to join my new student troupe, Womenfolk. As troupe director, I will offer you fun performance opportunities to inspire your progress in the beautiful, feminine art of American Tribal Style® belly dance.

Womenfolk will perform at such events as local haflas and showcases in the Inland Empire. Less experienced troupe members will participate in the chorus ̶ a great place to gain stage experience gently. More advanced troupe members will dance at center stage.

In support of Womenfolk, I have teach a class ̶ Womenfolk Practice ̶ in which troupe members learn about costuming, stage presence, chorus, entering and exiting the stage, taking center stage, bowing, and other aspects of performance, as well as rehearsing for upcoming gigs.

If you would like to join the troupe, join my Level 1 classes now! See Class schedule and content.


Joining a troupe requires commitment. To be eligible to join Womenfolk, you must:

• Take my Level 1 series until you demonstrate a good grasp of the steps

and formations and are comfortable taking the lead. Achieving such

competence may take several months to a year, and makes you eligible

to start Level 2.

• Begin to take Level 2, and continue to attend Level 1 regularly as well.

• Attend the Womenfolk Practice class regularly.

• Take direction and criticism well.

• Show a friendly and supportive spirit with fellow dancers.

• Follow my costuming guidelines.

• Arrive in class and at performances on time.

• Communicate with me about absences in a timely manner.