Class guidelines

Women only: Classes are open to women only, whether as students or as visitors, with the exception of male musicians or dancers who may occasionally be invited to participate.

Children: Girls 8 years and older are welcome to take classes along with mom, so long as they are able to focus on the class and not become disruptive.

Dress: In Level 1 classes, you may wear any comfortable clothing you like. I recommend a long full skirt and a snug-fitting top. You may dance with bare feet or in dance shoes with flat soles. (No street shoes on the dance floor, please.) Wear your hair up off your neck and shoulders. In higher-level classes, students must wear a long full skirt and a choli.

Water: Be sure to bring a bottle of water with you to class. Staying well hydrated makes a big difference to your energy and enjoyment.

Punctuality: Arrive several minutes before class to sign in, change your shoes, greet your classmates, etc. If you must arrive late, be respectful by entering and signing in quietly.

Visitors: Students are welcome to bring women friends to observe the class at no charge. Please ask your guests to observe quietly and not chat on their phones or wander around the premises.

Thanks for your cooperation!