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World War I



It might be that it is not an ordinary earthquake but some other terrible disaster which should bring about a scene of the judgment Day, the like of which the world has never seen, and a severe destruction should come upon lives and buildings."  


World War I



Prophecies of the Promised Messiah

Compiled and translated by Mirza Masum Beg

pp. 12-17

The World-War of 1914


To return to our subject, the prophecies of the Promised Messiah. We shall, first of all, deal with the great prophecy of the World-War of 1914-1918 which is still quite fresh in our memory. The Promised Messiah published this Divine Message first in a manifesto, dated April 5, 1905, and then in the Review of Religions for April 1905 under the caption

"A Warning."

It reads thus:-

"Today at about 3 0, clock in the night the word of God came upon me ............ The first part of this revelation signifies that Almighty God will show a fresh sign, the shock whereof shall be felt by the world; it would be a terrible shaking like the shaking of the hour of judgment. I do not know whether the shock spoken of here would be the earthquake or any other terrible disaster which will visit the world and will, on account of its severity, deserve to be called the shaking of the day of judgment. Nor do I
know when this will happen, whether in a few days or weeks or after months or years. But the disaster would certainly sooner or later overtake the world and it would be more terrible in its effect than what the world has hitherto seen. An extremely terrible disaster would it be."

Further details of the prophecy are given in the book Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, part 5th, p. 120, which the Promised Messiah was then writing "A sign is going to be manifested some days after this date. The villages and cities and fields shall be in a state of revolution on account of it. All of a sudden all shall severely quake by a quaking, mortals and trees and mountains and seas In the twinkling of an eye this earth shall turn upside down. Streams of blood shall flow as the water of rivers. Those who don robes white like Jessamine at night the morning will make them (blood stained) like the chanar trees The traveller shall feel the severity of that hour; those who are on the way shall lose the way losing their senses as it were. The great and the small shall all be in a state of prostration on account of this fear. Even the Czar shall at that hour be in a state of utmost distress. That Divine sign shall be a sample of the wrath; the heaven shall assault drawing forth its sword."

The two notes, to further elucidate the prophecy have been appended in the margin.

(1) "The date this day is 15th April 1905."

(2) "In the Divine revelation the word Zalzalah (meaning a quaking or an earthquake), is repeated again and again ......... But I cannot yet with certainty take the word in its literal significance. It might be that it is not an ordinary earthquake but some other terrible disaster which should bring about a scene of the judgment Day, the like of which the world has never seen, and a severe destruction should come upon lives and buildings." The prophecy thus announced, in distinct and decisive terms, a terrible trouncing the like of which the world had never seen nor suffered before.
It need not, of a necessity, be an earthquake, but any direful disaster which shall shake the world to its very foundation.

The Promised Messiah breathed his last three years after in 1908. For a few years more no sign of an out-burst appeared on the horizon and all was perfectly profound and peaceful. Not a ripple was visible over the calm of the world, no disturbance. But with the dawn of the years 1914 came the fateful period when the great prophecy was to be fulfilled and a mighty sign shown to the vast world.

On June 28, 1914, the Arch-duke Francis Ferdinand, heir to the Hapsburg throne and his wife were assassinated by a Serb. The Austrians, to avenge the death of their prince, immediately declared war on Serbia. Serbia appealed to Russia for help which was gladly granted. France also entered on the side of Russia. On August 4, 1914, Great Britian too came to the aid of Russia and France. On the other side Germany, Turkey and Bulgaria helped Austria. Other nations of the world too gradually came into the field, Belgium, Italy, the U. S. A ...... 24 nations. Only ten countries containing less than one-fourteenth of the world's population, remained neutral in this stupendous strife.

The murder of the Austrian arch-duke was thus the spark which set the whole world on fire. Streams of human blood flowed in great profusion. Fertile fields and populous places were devastated. Magnificent mansions were reduced to heaps of ruin. Men, women and children were driven before this dreadful deluge, not knowing where to hide their heads. Just picture to yourself the flying populations of Belgium, Serbia, and Rumania. Consternated, they scampered helter-skelter, as if their senses had left them. Indeed a terrible disaster which makes all previous calamities pale into insignificance. The size of armies and navies raised on each side would have astonished the conquerors of old. The amount of money spent seems fabulous. It has been estimated that the direct cost of this war was about £ 40,00,000,000, and the number of men killed amounted to 30,000,000, souls.

The crushing calamity ended not here. Many more troubles followed in the wake. Bankruptcy threatened almost every land. Everywhere there arose labour troubles, failing prices and wages. The spectre of famine together with its concomitant comrade, disease, stalked through the lands, particularly Austria, Russia and China. In fine, the whole world had been convulsed to its very bottom.

How true came the word of God spoken through the mouth of the Promised Messiah There was yet another incident which removes the last vestige of doubt, to wit, the disgraceful death of the Czar. In 1917, when the Great War was in its full swing, that mighty monarch the Czar of Russia, who held a strong sway over half of the two continents, was dethroned by his people and flung into the gaol. His daughters were dishonoured and disgraced before his very eyes. His near and dear ones were done to death one by one, and the "powerful potentate" looked on helplessly. Last of all came his turn . A bullet passed through his heart and the Great Czar, the Terror of the world, fell dead on the ground. Thus ended the Romanov dynasty after 304 years of absolute power.