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Lekh Ram



Communication came from On High intimating that Lekh Ram shall perish within a period of six years and the dreadful doom shall overtake him on the day following the ld Festival. 


Pandit Lekh Ram



Prophecies of the Promised Messiah

Compiled and translated by Mirza Masum Beg


Pandit Lekh Ram's assassination
pp. 42-47

Pt. Lekh Ram Iived in the time of the Promised Messiah. He was the secretary of the Arya, Samaj, Peshawar and was like men of that ilk, an inveterate foe of Islam and its Holy Founder, the Great Prophet of Arabia. In pouring foul and filthy abuse on the Holy Prophet, (peace and the blessings of God be upon him), Lekh Ram had outsteped all limits of decorum and decency. His vile and vicious vituperation he had incorporated in the pages of many a wretched book. Pick up any volume and you are sure to come across passages containing the meanest of scurrility that has ever dropped from the lips of a human mouth against that great benefactor of human kind, the Holy Prophet Muhammad, (peace and the blessings of God be upon him). A few examples:

(I) A beautiful lady Maimuna, was travelling on her camel. The Prophet's eye, wrote the poisonous Pandit, fell on her and he was so much bewitched by her fascinating charms that he raped her there and then and entered her in the lists of his harem.


Lekh Ram railed at and reviled not only the Holy Prophet Muhammad but all the other prophets also who had come for the good and guidance of humanity, and called them liar, and fraudulent impostors. This was indeed far too hot and harsh for the blood of a believer to bear. Hazrat Mirza remonstrated with him that he might desist from his wicked way, but all in vain. The foul-mouthed Pandit grew all the more opprobrious and opened his mouth more audaciously against the Holy Prophet. He also wrote in a provocative tone to the Promised Messiah to implore his God it He could show him a sign in this respect. The apostle of God was exasperated. He lifted up his hands and prayed to the God of the Heavens and Earth. His prayer was answered and a revelation came upon him telling that Lekh Ram was merely a dead calf emitting a foul and profane sound, and for his insolence and effrontery he shall surely be smitten with a terrible trouncing. [see script]

On February, 22, 1893, the Promised Messiah issued a widely circulated poster stating that [see script] "Like the Samiritan Calf, Lekh Ram shall be out into pieces." For a still wider reading, this poster was appended to his famous book [see script] which was published in February 1893. Lekh Ram scoffed at the Divine Word of warning contemptuously and abused the Promised Messiah and uttered a counter-prophecy saying that it had been revealed to him by his Parmeshwar that the Mirza shall die of cholera within a period of three years for he was an impostor who fabricated lies against the Most High God. The wrath of Heaven now waxed hot, and a Communication came from On High intimating that Lekh Ram shall perish within a period of six years and the dreadful doom shall overtake him on the day following the ld Festival. [see script]

The prophecy was published again in all its detail in the book, entitled [see script] which was published a few months after, in August 1893.

There was yet another book [see script] which was published in the same year. A mention of this dreadful prophecy had also been made therein. Addressing Lekh Ram, the Promised Messiah wrote the following couplets. [see script] i.e., God Almighty is Incensed and infutiated with the bosom which harbours ill-will towards Muhammad. Be thou afraid of the sharps abre of Muhammad, O thou stupid and strayed enemy. The terrible event h ad also been shown to the Promised Messiah in a vision which he had recorded in the margin of this book. "On April 2, 1893," wrote the Promised Messiah, "I beheld in a vision that a stout and sturdy man, frightful to look at, with blood trickling from his fearful face, stood in front of me. He seemed not a creature of this earth but one of the infernal beings whose appearance struck terror into the hearts. Where is Lekh Ram? he growled in a roaring voice and named one more man. I knew then that he had been deputed for the chastisement of Lekh Ram and the other person.”

Fearful forebodings these. But nothing worked on the unlucky Lekh Ram. A seal, as it were had been set upon his soul. Rather than reform himself and repent and recede from he deadly delight of reviling the prophet of God, the proud pandit took all earthly precautions to protect his person against the decree of the All-Powerful God. He shifted to the topmost storey of his house, the lower ones having been occupied by the rest of his family. He had body guards about him when he stepped out into the street In fine, Lekh Ram made himself safe, secure and inapproachable. Time rolled on in this way, and four years quietly passed by. It was the 6th of March 1897, -Saturday 4 P. M. Pt. Lekh Ram was sitting in his airy attic. All of a sudden a stranger appeared with a dreadful dagger in his hand and stabbed him in the abdomen cutting all his intestines into pieces. The assassin disappeared as mysteriously as he had come. The whole place to a man was up against him and searched every nook and cranny, but he had been spirited away as it were, and no trace of him could be found, The Prophet's lampoonist lay dead in a pool of his own blood. He had succumbed to his injuries.

The Muslim ld, as foretold in the prophecy, had fallen on the day before the dreadful occurrence i.e., on Friday the 5th March. In this way, the word of God spoken through the mouth of His Messenger, the Promised Messiah was fulfilled to the very letter. [see script]

Within the fixed period of six years, Lekh Ram was cut into pieces on Saturday, first by the assassin's dagger, then by the doctor's knife. Thereafter, he was burnt to ashes and flung into the river. The very same thing had happened to the Golden Calf of Samiri. On Saturday which was the day of the Jewish ld, it was smashed into pieces, burnt to ashes and thrown into the river. The Aryas kicked up a restless row against the Promised Messiah alleging that a disciple of his must have committed the murder. Some addle-pated Mullahs also joined in the nefarious propaganda. But the Most High GJd spoke to His apostle saying [see script] that he shall remain safe and sound from the machinations of those people, The house of the Promised Messiah was searched, but nothing incriminating could be found there, and not a single hair of his body could they bend. Since then, the government of the land and their all-perading police have turned every stone that came in their way, and searched every nook and niche to find the assassin of Lekh Ram, but never has an endeavour been so abortive. And how could they succeed against a being who, as foretold, was not earthly.