Chapter Summaries

Chapter 1


Robin"Perry"Perry goes to the session for civil affairs. He goes to camp Doha. When he gets there he gets his instructions from Capt. Coles. He names all the members of the civil affairs team. Then he walks around alone just to get to know people. Then he meets kennedy a tall blonde.  She shouted out the name "birdy", which becames Robin's name from  there on.  Kennedy starts telling Robin about her exsperiences with her infantry training and how she got sick with the meastes.  Then he meets Jones, he was a layed back kind of guy who had a thing for blues.  So Robin and Jonsey are hitting it off and starting to become friends.            


Chapter 2


There is talk about the troops going into combat, and the troops are kinda nervous.  They had three squad gunners on the squad gun.  Second was Sgt. Harris driving Darcy, and Evans on the squad gun.  Third squad consisted of Love driving and Danforth on the gun.  At nine o'clock they marched to Centcam and saw a film about Saddam, after watching the film a lot of guys were pissed off and angry.   They then marched back to their quarters and played cards until Capt. Coles came and gave them an inspection.  Later Ops guys went on a secrect mission on enemy territory.


Chapter 3


Robin and Jones were sitting around thinking about how good they were trained.  They wondered if third infantry training was better than the training they had.  Their training consisted of diving down, rolling over, and getting up running. Then they talked about who to shoot and who not to shoot. Sometimes the enemies dressed p as civilians to confuse you, so it was hard to figure out who to shoot.  They only did that when things were not going right for them.  The bombing of Iraq had started, they watched the impact on television.  Coles explained that theyn will be testing some of their theories of the PSYOP.  So basically they will go ask what they need and see how they react.  As they arrived they seen Iraq civilians laying body bags in a line.


Chapter 4


The marines were going first, then the 3rd infantry came behind them andsecured their positions. Some places third would go in and marines would follow. They moved in so they could secure the lines of communications back to the jump off point. They watched CNN after they got the antena working. A sandstorm was preparing to hit. When it hit it blacked out everything. After it had hit the troops spent hours cleaning sand out of their gear. Then they got back on the road an headed north. At 1100 they had to pull over and stand down until they got further orders. They had to go to Nasiryah, it was less than two hours north. When they got their they were recieving bombs from a unknown place Marla, Robin, and Jones went into a building with their guns loaded.


Chapter 5


Ahmed did some translating, they talked to some kids who were gathering around them. The kids seemed used to what they were seeing, mainly the killing. Most of the kids were wearing normal american clothes an some wasn't. The troops went around passing out candy to the kids. Marla had said that the place had alot of lame, alot of the kids had birth defects. The 204th medical team called asking for help on the south of Niasiyah. They set up  and got the map coordinates for the FOB and went over them with Jonesy. Amhed talked to the prisoner they had and he answered most of their questions. He says the americans found a Ak-47 in his house. He said that it was a Russian gun that he had bought years ago. When they got to the command post they set up in a private house. When they hooked up with thw 3rd it was a signal detachment.


Chapter 6


They were at some Iraqi military school not far from the airport. The school was modern an had little damage from the invasion. The CA squads were off except for the little work they were doing. When  morning had come Robin was still tired. Capt. Coles had called them for a meeting in the mess tent. Major sessions had came in and said that the special ops may need help with a colonel. Sessions had a short discussion with Capt. Coles showing him the location of the school. Lietenant Maire took Ahmed over to a older man an began a 3 way convo with Maire.


Chapter 7


They were all dressed and Marla came in with Owens from the medical squad, they were carrying portable televisions. Rios, who was the meaniest looking guy in the unit. He got up and gave Harris a very mean look. The broadcast started with images of Iraqis and Baghdad waving flags and celebrating. There was a quick cut to a poster of saddam which someone had drew guns on.


Chapter 8


The war is supoose to be over but there is still some fighting in Baghdad. Alot of guys were dieing and the wounded were being shipped to Germany. They spent about a week hanging around the zone, while sitting Jonesy practiced his blues. Later he starts talking about things he likes an dislikes about Iraq. One thing he liked was that he wasn't apart of the heavy fighting. They planned to go shopping at the chaplains. They spent nearly an hour in mosque then they were invited to lunch. A fight broke out leaving two marines dead. The whole thing was over in a heartbeat.


Chapter 9


Everyone was gathered looking and hoping for something to eat. Capt. Miller had heard something was going on an went to take a look. They watched an old baseball game from1986, the Mets an Boston were playing. Robin had told Vivtor that the woman had named the monkey sargent Yossarin and that the name was from a book called Catch-22. They took first and second squads and the  woman from the medical squad with capt. Miller. They loaded up 3 Humvees. They headed to a village a half hour away, just outside of Al-Uhaimir. The 422nd civil affairs Battalion was the main CA support group attached to the third infantry. Half of the electricity in the entire country was out. The 422nd infantry were trying to get the water pumps back working.


Chapter 10


They sat around for awhile, each of them thinking about how they would have handled the situation. When Harris came back they told him he was wrong for hitting a member of the unit. Later Coles came in and told them they were going to be escorting some intelligence guys out to a place in Rusafa. When morning had came everybody was dressed an ready to leave. The headquarters had set up a booth for Iraqis to complain or make suggestions. Guys in third started calling it confessions. A third squad infantry went with them, an they split into two Humvees. They went east then circled  back around the green zone toward the old city section. By the time the 3rd guys brought  out two males, blindfolded and cuffed, and put them into the vehicles. The first squad had found the detornators.


Chapter 11


Marla was sitting on a empty MRE case loading up canisters of ammo for the squad gun. The big deal about their session was that Muhammad Al-Sadah was the son of a sunni imam.  There was some fighting that followed. They were waiting in the third floor office area for the hospital administrator to talk to them. The administrator was showing them was dying really was about. They went to another hospital and aid station. None of the doctors were interested in helping them. The captain got two corprals to go through their records looking for the 14 year old Muhammad. They came up with 5 possibilities. Capt. Coles had to clear permission to release Muhammad and put in a call to his commander, a lady general. The kid was so happy to be leaving prison.


Chapter 12


There were going to be liasion between American troops and Polish soilders who were fighting with coalition forces. Capt Coles radioed the 422nd an in less than an hour they called back with the news that Omar would set the game up for next friday. They set up the practice area and start assigning positions. ROE for Baghdad says that you don't shoot anybody unless clearly engaged to harm you. Capt Miller and Jerry road with 2nd squad. They took alone 3 extra balls for the kids and some notebooks and pencils. There were a batch of guys from the 422nd. They served up lunch and the film crew took pictures of the Iraqis and some officers. They kept Muhammad overnight and took him back to his village.


Chapter 13


They got word that nobody was to leave the green zone in groups of less than seven and with only up-armored cars. Before the invaision the Sunnis had been pushed around. Saddam was a sunni and had put all of his asociates in the positions. There was a whole battle around them that they didn't have any control of. Robin knew there were stories about the Iraqi police they were training, they were more than willing to kill Sunnis anywhere in Baghdad. Killing was starting to take a different meaning to Robin. Now he was willing to kill because he was afraid of being killed. Hearing about the Sunnis being killed or the bombs going off, the only thing Robin could think of was how glad he was  to still be alive. They stayed in the green zone for the next two weeks. The only work they did was unload a truckload of gifts from Freewill Baptist Church in Martinburg.


Chapter 14


PSYOP from the third ID was suppose to talk to the coalition. Capt. Miller had to see if they needed any medical attention. Third squad was going to Fallajah with them. The plan was that they would talk to the Sheik and spend the night guarding a nearbyquite site. The cities were all crowded, the around any electrical sources they could find. They mounted up and went toward the hospital. There were Marines with tem and they were on edge.


Chapter 15


Marla was crying from news that Jonesy was dead. All she could say was that she was sorry. There was no attack, it was a day of waiting and watching. In Baghdad. In Baghdad there was packing going on. As they lined up for the memorial service Robin started to think of the blind child. They got new assignments after their service was over. All specialists, the  construction people and plumbers  and electricians from the flying squad, were reassigned to the 422nd. Coles, Evans, Jean, Darcy, and Harris were being recycled back through training process center. They turned in their weapons to supply and then came together to say good bye. Then they went back to the airport. Marla was going to Incirlik air force in Turkey and from there to the states to train CA ops. Robin was going to Germany, to have wounds taken care of, then he would be reassigned.