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    Role Models


    REFEREES: What can they do to make the game better for players?

    • Know the rules.
    • Show respect to the players, coaches, parents and spectators.
    • Explain rules, when needed.
    • Smile and enjoy the game.
    • Be firm, fair and honest.
    • Be neutral.
    • Take each game seriously.

    COACHES: What can they do to make the game more enjoyable for the players and easier for the referees to manage?

    • Know the rules.
    • Accept the referee’s decision.
    • Remain calm.
    • Do not make loud or offensive remarks.
    • Be a role model of fair play.
    • Be positive; avoid confrontation with officials.
    • Be firm with parents at games.
    • Teach skills.
    • Communicate with players and parents.

    PARENTS: What can parents do to make the game more enjoyable?

    • Be knowledgeable of the game.
    • Encourage fair play.
    • Be supportive of players, coaches and referees.
    • Attend games and practices.
    • Be positive, or be quiet at games.
    • Praise other parent’s children at games.
    • Communicate with your children, ask what they’ve learned.
    • Focus on good nutrition.
    • Be respectful and expect respect.