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The Eclipse of Darkness:                 Eclipse Screenplay

The Origins of our Life, what is missing within the Reason of our Existence?


Years of Research, a story within a story, based on Fact, Theology, Science & Symbolism.  From lost Ancient Manuscripts, the deepest secrets of our existence is unveiled!  Yet shocking, it is a book to open our minds to the greatest mystery: what is missing to understand Reality and how we came to Exist out of Eternity and into Flesh?  


The Reviews are Great, Now in world wide Bookstores or Online.


A story with Reality and Substance, A Mind-Expanding Odyssey of why we Exist, our Souls in Flesh within this same world with plants and animal forms.  What really took place in the Genesis Garden that we now exist within evolution?

This story takes us there and into modern times, a story so gripping into the human mind, into the Mental Hemispheres where we cross over to the other side to witness where the world of darkness controls and deceives the whole human race, where the Powers of Light and Darkness Strike.  


The attempt of this book is to explore why we exist now out of all Eternity, why now. 


This is a story, a vision, a project, full of mental-symbolism and deeper meanings hid within.  There is a secret mind-codifice unveiling the missing information of why we exist, why and how can we exist with our souls infused within flesh, in our body where we see this world and understand we shall die in this world, now we shall ask why, what did we do to deserve existence  to be born into this horrible environment, into biological deterioration, within a Universe of Cosmic Violence? 


Yet, here is wisdom, unlock your self and your soul from evolution, from the umbilical cord of Symbolic Mother Eve.  Do you wish to keep on going through life as is, do you have moments of doubt of why we were so called created into this environment?

Something else is happening, all the missing questions of why we exist out of Eternity is now placed together through years of research, placed within a book, fact and a symbolic story of dreams, visions and omens, unveiling the truth of our existence.

Enter the Eclipse of Darkness, Split in-between worlds, where Strange Visions,Dreams, Omens and Apparitions take us to the edge of Reality, where the Demonic Presence Exists, Roaming Strange Veiled Spirits, Demons, Strange Signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars, One Man, One Woman are taken beyond the reality we perceive, Beyond the Tables of Space and Time.       


Too many religious call this creation, or life, or a gift of life.  Yet there are too many missing pieces, and that is what this book attempts to explore, based on factual research, a Theological Odyssey into the Mental Hemispheres of the human mind, of what what took place in our Split Mental Hemispheres from before the foundations of the world we existed, where the Unseen Worlds of Light and Darkness Clash.

It all took place we all wanted to see this visible world of the Cosmic Evolution of life, and we entered into existence into flesh, with this world, our souls now entrapped within flesh, as we walk this alien earth, we work, we speak, we see the soil, yet now our minds will go beyond space and time to Cross-Over from this Reality we Perceive.

Beyond Creation, here is a book that provides the missing true reason of what took place, why Eternity Exists and what took place that caused the entire human race to exist in flesh outside of Eternity, which is the hard fact reality of this project.  You will never be the same after reading the deepest Theological Concept that brings all reality and existence together in one Vision. 

Yet something greater is happening here, it has taken all these years of human experience, of all the human race, following, being deceived, shaking like an infant at the bottom foundations of the world, alone, just fitting in, that is the reason of this book, this symbolic story opens a gate way into the human imagination, a way to cross-over from this hypnotic demonic forced reality that is taking the world into deep mental demonic-cycles, now to see the same Demons that deceived us in the Genesis Garden, now we visit them again, and they will repel.   


This project is to grasp, pull in, free every struggling human mind to see into this vision, or visual mind-project what it truly is for us to break free from this earthly-worldly environment to over-come this world, or the deceptions that no one has ever shown to us how powerful the demonic influence is that covers ever human mind from seeing what is truly taking place why we exist and what is taking place behind the reality we were forced to believe, and now the veil is lifted.

To go beyond the tread of every day life and living situation, the day in and day out, those who have severe or slight mental disorder with the rugged, false reality of what this so-called life offers, or if you see others that are so hypnotized with the old following of the world created in front of us.


Here is a story within a story that tells us what is the mental-falsehood of the false reality we follow, it will be the most shocking vision.      


Imagine seeing beyond the reality you see in front of you.




The Mental Hemispheres


The 3D Symbolic Computer Manipulated Mental Imagery also compels the mystery and understanding how to escape from our inner mental imagery that the demonic world has altered. 

This is more than an Art Book, It creates imagery into the human mind, to contemplate, to erase the falsehood of following the demonic hypnotic life, to break through to see beyond why we exist. 

This book was created to take our minds away from the world we perceive, the images were created to bend the human mind to expel the dark imagery from our human minds, it attempts to show mental imagery able to unlock our minds from the dust of the demonic hell that these Demonic Spirits wish to dwell inside the interior of our minds.

Now Enter The Mental World, to open the mental imagery, to free and see beyond the false perceptions of Reality and this Evolution we find our selves within, trapped and deceived by the demonic forced imagery, this book of imagery opens the human mind to expand, to overcome the inner world with mental imagery, an exorcism of the mind.

Follow the Mental Hemispheres of the mental imagery and the Vision of The Eclipse of Darkness, these are two books that shall open your minds to see beyond the false perception of this world.