The stories all have a powerful message into our existence, reality, space, time, reality, and the human mind into another perception or reality why we exist souls in flesh within a cosmic universe, in the same evolution with plants and animals, what are we missing as we fall into routine of life, is there another missing dimension is what and where these stories take us into other worlds, other realms, and the unseen. 
Something no other book or films have every delved into, and they are all Mind-Expanding Thrillers, that will take fiction into non-fiction using highly symbolic visual imagery.
Taking such inspiration from CS Lewis, like the ScrewTape Letters, Joseph Campbell’s philosophic insights, 2001 a Space Odyssey style, and a Theological Thought from Lost Ancient Manuscripts, taking into accounts of our DNA Origins from Francis Harry Compton Crick
I take all our modern day sciences and clash them with Ancient Manuscript into the Origins of our Existence, yet with the Imaginativeness of Creating Highly Visual Worlds, hope and understanding in an entertaining environment to bring Light into Souls to Change Humanity from following Greed, Violence, Death and Darkness in modern society and the purpose of the future.
Allowing the world to decide which path we are on and which way is our real purpose why we exist and what is taking place behind the reality we perceive.             

What took place to get these Books, Film Scripts, Music and Surreal Art Produced

Here is some of the Influences that made it all connective possible:

The Dead Sea Scrolls (Ancient Manuscripts)

Professor Stephen Hawking's (A Brief History of Time)

C.S. Lewis (The Screw-Tape Letters)

The Book of the Apocalypse

Joseph Campbell (research his many books)

Carl Jung
, Sigmund Freud

The Eternal The Immortal is what we do not see.