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These two books are Companion of one another

to explore and awaken the Mental Fields
to Cross-Over to the Other Side

into the Unseen World

The Eclipse of Darkness                                                                            The Mental Hemispheres   


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The Eclipse of Darkness 
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The book 272 pages size is 6x9


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The Mental Hemispheres
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The Book has over a hundred works of art
84 pages of Full Color 3DComputer Manipulated Images of Surreal Art

The Eclipse of Darkness                          The Mental Hemispheres
is a Multi-Dimensional,                           shall take your mind
Highly Symbolic Story.                            into the Visual & Surreal
While the Introduction                            into the Mental-Imagery
sets the Reality of where                         into Realms Beyond
we exist & how we survive.                     Imagination.

There is another Story Inside                  Hundreds of 3D Visual
that takes your mind into a                    Artistic Computer-
Surreal Psychological Odyssey                Generated & Manipulated
Beyond Imagination.                              Imagery, as you read the
The Eclipse of Darkness
Strange Dreams and Omens,                   The Strange & Dreamy
Visions & Apparitions.                            Visions, and Omens
                                                            Coincide with each other
Demons, Strange Veiled Spirits,              as if in a Mental-Film.
a Wild Prophet, Cataclysmic        
Upheavals, Signs in the Sun,                   Both books are Visual
Moon, and Stars, The Entire                    Passages to take us from
Cosmic Universe is being                        this world in the Cosmic
Affected.                                               Chaos, with our Souls in
                                                            Carnate with Flesh, in the
One Man, One Woman, They                   Same Evolution with
Face the Struggle and Turmoil                 Plants and Animals, yet
Dealing with the Unseen World.               our Souls in our Mental
                                                             Hemispheres, we wish to
                                                             Escape The Eclipse of
                                                             Darkness inside.


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Inside The Eclipse of Darkness and even in the Mental Hemispheres
They Both Reach for the Other Side of Reality
Of the Unseen.

What Else is taking place in Reality?

The Largest Scientific Project in the

History of the World

CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research

The God Particle

Inside the Atom is a Mystery.
Inside the Quantum World
of Atomic Particles
Something is Taking Place
That will Change the Entire World.

What makes Reality and our Reason of Existence.
God Particle Lead
Scientist are working to find that answer
What is Behind the Reality we Perceive.

There is Very Strange Behavior within this
Quantum World.

Within the Eclipse of Darkness
it is Solved

Please see this Interactive Article
The God Particle

The Scientists are very close?
Please see this short vid.
Except they are looking from inside the atom
While they would have to look outside the atom
to see and find the Gravitational Waves
that holds the atom together.

They are colliding particles to see what comes out,
The God Particle or The Higgs boson
it is often referred to as "the God particle" by the media.

To Find out what is going on to create this universe,
Reality, Existence, to hold it altogether
They Call it a Theory of Everything.

To this person
I believe they are smashing billiard balls
while the pool table is what they are looking for.

Gravitational Waves

They were created before the Big Bang

They held the Big Bang
and still do confine the Cosmic and the Quantum Universe
(See Comment Below)

The thing of it is what is behind this Veil of Reality
held together by Gravitational Waves, or Dark Matter?

The Eclipse of Darkness


The Kinetic Fields

as with many of my stories,

Enter Behind the World we Perceive

Einstein Quote of the Day

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