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The Books and Screenplays are listed below

Loglines, Synopsis, Reviews

Completed Camera Ready Screenplays (all are Altered-Reality based)

A Dark Hypnotic Demonic World is Controlling the Human Race

Traveling Beyond Telekinetic Powers into Realms Beyond Belief

Enter a Twisted Alien-Purgatory on Earth and Beyond

Several more completed - in working drafts


The Eclipse of Darkness
a Psychological Supernatural Tormenting Thriller that will Impact the Entire World 

Crossing over into the Minds Psychological Mental Fields
Enter a Visual Odyssey
In-between the Unseen Worlds of Light and Darkness

 Enter a World that shall take you to the Bottom Foundations of Creation

into the Altered Origins of  Human Souls Forced into Flesh

Travel into an Altered Reality

where a Paradox of Genesis is Unveiled

A Psychological Battle with the World of Darkness 

into why we exist within the Evolution of Species

in the Cosmic Universe


Cataclysmic Signs and Omens Unveil our World as never Imagined,
  Taking us Behind the Perception of Reality
 One man and woman are taken into a tormenting psychological battle with the World of Darkness
as its demonic presence dominates the whole human race 


One Man's Ordinary Life is Altered Forever
Tormented by Strange Dreams, Visions, and Omens

Taken into the Un-worldly by Cataclysmic Signs and Wonders
on earth and into Other Realities Beyond the Cosmic Universe

One man is Tormented by the Demonic World

They have been here since the Foundation of the World
Altering Humanity

One man Escapes their Hypnotic Trance
Unveiling Demonic Entities in their Hidden World of Darkness
manipulating and controlling every human mind
as They Prepare for their Arrival on Earth

They  Visit him from their Dark Hidden World from behind the reality we perceive 
to stop his visions from unveiling their world

A Dark Demonic-Alien World Forces a "False-Reality" into Human Minds 

Captivating the Whole World
They have been altering the whole human race with their dark deceptive mind-projections
Until one man awakens
to see our world is not what it seems 


 Enter Behind the Reality we Perceive 
into the Origins of Unseen Worlds
in-between Forces of Light and Darkness

A Highly Symbolic Mind-Expanding Story of Life
A Visual Battle into the Unseen World 

Exposing the Demonic World 
Controlling Earth  


They enter into the Human Minds 

"Split Mental Hemispheres"
where the battle begins

Enter Beyond our Human Existence

Cross-Over In-Between the Fields of Light and Darkness


They Existed from within the Origins of Genesis
This is the first theological understanding of why we Exist in the Evolution of the Universe

The Questions and Meaning that this story unveils 
is an Intelligence into the Quantum Physics of Unseen Worlds

one man is taken to the next steps into escaping evolution

Unveiling how the Demonic World
has captured the Entire World
into Following their False Reality 

Why we exist in Flesh, Mind and Soul
within the same evolution with plants and animals 

 A Mind-Expanding Transcendence into Other Un-Worldly Realities 


Short Synopsis

One man lives a Split-Reality Existence
Tormented by Inner Demons Affecting and Controlling our World

They Exist Behind the Reality we Perceive
in a Dark Demonic-Alien World
preparing a Cataclysmic Apocalyptic Attack upon our World. 

Only one man can stop them but they are sending false Mind-Projections into his mind.

They were here since the beginning foundations of the world

A Highly Symbolic Visual  Odyssey

Cataclysmic Ominous Events are Disrupting our World!  

One man is taken into a space-time paradox behind the reality we perceive, into a Visual mind-expanding Odyssey. 

A Traumatic Shocking Experience Unveils the Unseen World
 A Psychological  - Apocalyptic Battle in-between the forces of light and darkness,
taking him and the world to the edge of sanity, into a mind-expanding transmutation,
an incarnation of humanity crossing-over into a new reality and existence.  

Humanity is on the Verge of an Ultimate Discovery,
to take a Mental Leap - to cross-over into a New Existence.

One Man's Horrific Confrontation with his "Inner Demons & the Demonic World"

A Demonic Battle
enters his mind taking him and the world into a Cataclysmic Upheaval
Unveiling the greatest and darkest event
of our Altered Origins 
Souls Forced into human evolution.

Revealing how the Demonic World
has cast Humanity into Mental Darkness

Controlling Human Minds
from Escaping Evolution where they keep us Captivated
with Mind-Projections of False Worldly Enticements.

Until One Man Escapes their Hypnotic Trance


 book version
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The screenplay received high reviews in the Frances Ford Coppola Screenwriters Contest 

   Reviews by other Screenwriters
From Director Francis Ford Coppola's Screenwriters Competition

"The Eclipse of Darkness"
Review 1

WOW! This is the most original screenplay I have read on Zoetrope thus far. It is very visual and it flows perfectly. I get a great sense of surroundings and it almost reminds me of a philosophical movie like Waking Life combined with 2001: A Space Odyssey.  

I so badly want to see this produced, that I almost wonder if there is anyone out there who would be willing to spend such a huge budget. It has HUGE budget
written all over it.

It combines just the right elements of drama and intrigue. I often think about souls and death a lot myself, so it was
nice to see a work from someone like that.

I can tell that you put a lot of thought and effort into your screenplay. It definitely shines through. I can also tell that you have been writing for
quite some time...if not your whole life.

It is very rare that you find such a screenplay that is so incredibly visual
and complex at the same time.

Keep on writing and I would love to see what you come up with in the near future. As an aspiring screenwriter, this definitely adds some elements for me to think about
in my writing.

Your transitions are great, your characters
vibrant and your plot original.
Shannon Elizabeth Barry


"The Eclipse of Darkness"
Review 2
From Director Francis Ford Coppola"s
Screenwriters Competition

 Your logline is right on the money, this is indeed a visual mental battle with the Apocalypse... your descriptions, especially in the opening scene really help to set the mood and tone for what is to come. Thankfully, with digital effects today, it will be easy to create such a world in space.

This really reminds me of the epic fantasy movies of the '70s and '80s, like Krull, Clash of the Titans,
Sword & Sorcery, and The Ice Pirates. Everything is larger than life and the
philosophical elements are very deep.

This re-telling of Genesis is brilliant! Most people won't get it, I'm sure, but to tackle such a forbidden subject is pretty brave. I also find it amazing you were able to keep this very detailed world under control. So many characters, planets,
and vehicles...

The dialogue is tight and very conversational. Sometimes people tend to write flowery dialogue for the sake of being the next Tarantino. Obviously, the epic dialogue of
the DEITY is appropriate.

The transition from this epic story to the daily life of Samuel is great. His final demise (I think) is very grim, which I like. Definitely not a Hollywood ending. Thanks
for having the courage to write such a story.  Jonathan Wilkins

"The Eclipse of Darkness"
Review 3
From Director Francis Ford Coppola"s
Screenwriters Competition

The Eclipse of Darkness reads like a stunning sci-fiction, a very ambitious script indeed, with widely varying scene settings, costumes, and characters. The visual descriptions are dazzling, and the scheme is meaningful. No doubt the script is quite an accomplishment.
This review by Lee Liu

Review 4: Paperback version with the same Title

Don't let the cover fool you, this is a must read!
This novel is definitely an up and coming classic,
and is worthy of recognition on par with Shakespeare.
While it is a bit rough to read at parts,
it provides an incredible experience that
everyone should have.   Review by Ryan C
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Size: Original
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Sunny Films

An Exorcism of the Whole World to Escape the World of Darkness

Enter Demonic Worlds Far Beyond
 "The Exorcist" and "Angel Heart." 

The Next Psychological Odyssey Further than
"Altered States" combined with "2001: A Space Odyssey." 

A Dark Psychological Battle Taking us Deeper
than C.S Lewis "The Screwtape Letters"

A Psychological, Biological, Demonic, Space Odyssey of our Human Souls

A Theological Visual Break-Through
From the Ancient Origins of our Souls
Forced into the same Evolution with Plants and Animals

The Visual Odyssey continues
into our Modern Society

The Eclipse of Darkness
Field of Light

Unveiling the World of Darkness
Now within Modern Society
Forcing Visual Mind-Projections
into Human Minds
into Following a False Reality 

A Cataclysmic Tormenting Psychological Battle is Unveiled
In-between the Forces of Light and Darkness

A Mind-Expanding Journey
Visions, Dreams, Omens, and Supernatural Apparitions
A Highly Visual Odyssey Beyond the Tables of Space and Time

Travel Above the Cosmic Universe
Enter World's Beyond Imagination

Taking one man to the Edge of Sanity
Taking the World into a Visual Odyssey


The Eclipse of Darkness
Field of Light

Enter Realms Beyond the Reality we Perceive

Supernatural Visions, Strange Dreams, and Omens in the Sun, Moon, and Stars
are splitting open a new world,
to Find our True Origins

Altered by the Demonic World 
Forced into this World by their False Illusions
Altering Every Soul with their Alluring Mind-Projection

The Eclipse of Darkness

The Greatest Psychological Battle within the Unseen World

Unveiling a Highly Symbolic Apocalyptic World

Behind the Reality we Perceive

Expanded Synopsis

One man is Torn from our World, taken through a Mind-Expanding Odyssey Behind the Reality we Perceive,

Forced into Unseen Worlds, Uncovering the Deepest Mystery of Human Existence into our

"Altered Origins with the Demonic World." 

One man is being tested to show all mankind what bonds and holds us to earth, to this old nature of space-time and fleshly evolution - and now,  enter through an opening of light within every human mind to enter into a new world.

I       I   +   I

One man sees this Image in his mind to cross over in his Mental Hemispheres

Unveiling an Unseen Battle taking place inside the “Mental-Hemispheres” so powerful that it's Disrupting the Fabric of the Universe, Awakening the World to the next step in the Evolutionary Process, to Escape Evolution and Death.

A Fantastic Journey Beyond the Tables of Space and Time, which turns into a Conflicting Twisting Battle as he prepares to show the world how to enter this field of light to expand into a New Existence.

Until he Encounters Alien Demonic Forces preparing their Dark Apocalyptic Attack Against our World.

Beyond the Tables of Space and Time

Behind the Veil of Evolution

Enter into an Altered Reality far from the Decaying Genesis of our Altered Existence

Cataclysmic Events Begin Around the World! 

In a Conflict of the Human Soul, Traumatic Conversion, and Transformation of the World.

He can cross-over, leaving humanity or stay to show the rest of the world this mental path how to overcome the darkness that blocks our minds from crossing over into this new existence into a reality beyond this world.

A Highly Visual, World-Impacted Event - Unveiling the Alien-Demonic World that Cradles our Minds in Comforts and Mental Captivity, Preventing us from Escaping into Higher Realms of Existence.  To escape from this old world of nature and evolution, escaping from the cosmic universe of space, time, and even death.

The Entire Universe is in Upheaval, it's Affecting the Entire World.  Strange Unworldly Dreams, Visions, and Cataclysmic Omens are Tormenting One Man as he Battles his Inner Demons taking him Behind the Reality we Perceive, unveiling a Dark Demonic Alien-World Altering Human Minds, Existence, and Reality. 


A Unique Series of Highly Symbolic
Visual Events in Film

Exploring the Mystery of Life
and the Human Mind, its Struggles and Conflicts
in this Existence, of Reality, Space, Time, and Evolution

Screenplays Ready
The Eclipse of Darkness
The Kinetic Fields

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Paperback and Digital Versions

"The Eclipse of Darkness"


Digital Versions
Amazon Kindle

The Mental Hemispheres
3D Surreal & Abstract Art Collection
Book (222 Pages) Gloss Color (8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches)

Over a hundred works of art and a psychological story board
84 pages of Full Color 3DComputer Manipulated Images of Surreal Art

Digital Version on Kindle

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Camera Ready Screenplays

The Eclipse of Darkness

The Kinetic Fields
see synopsis below


The Lawbots

are coming soon

A Future Society under Total Control

of your Every Movement
even your Dreams and DNA are Monitored and Altered
Below the Earth  

Above is a new Alien-Earth


Sunny Films

 Screenplays, Books, Music Sound Effects,
3D Gaming, 3D Art

The Most Powerful Films Ever Conceived 

We present the Scripts, Books, 3D Surreal Art

and Special Futuristic Sound Effects in Music

 The Eclipse of Darkness 

 I        I    +   I

An Odyssey Beyond the

Tables of Space & Time


Unveiling the Origins of our Existence, in a

Conflicting Battle with the Demonic World.



The Book Version

We need Interested Mass Market Publishing

"The Eclipse of Darkness" 
Kindle Eclipse full DIGITAL bk

Reviews of the Book

The Eclipse of Darkness

5.0 out of 5 stars

Don't let the cover fool you, this is a must read!

By Ryan C

This review is from: Ryan C

The Eclipse of Darkness:


This novel is definitely an up and coming classic,

and is worthy of recognition on par with Shakespeare.

While it is a bit rough to read at parts,

it provides an incredible experience that

everyone should have.




5.0 out of 5 stars

By Rev. D

This review is from: Rev. D

The Eclipse of Darkness:

(Paperback) Crossing Over the Mental Hemispheres

An AMAZING book that has opened my eyes to

ALL TRUTH, this is not fiction it is a new bible. 

I have been shown behind the curtain,

I now know the ultimate reality.



The Mental Hemispheres

 A Visual Odyssey
of the mind
3D Surreal Art Collection of Manipulated


Computer Graphics
An Odyssey into the Mental Imagery of the Mind
into our Split Mental Hemispheres

Enter the Strange World
of the Surreal and Bizarre.

See next pages or click below for Mental Imagery
samples produced while under

The Mood-MIG Project

3D Mental Imagery Graphics Art samples
Some of the strangest dimensions, and visions were captured

 A 3D Graphic Arts book
filled with Computer Manipulated Mental Imagery
Produced here now in full color
The Mental Hemispheres
  3D Surreal & Abstract Art Collection
Book (222 Pages) Gloss Color

The Book has over a hundred works of art and a psychological story board

84 pages of Full Color 3DComputer Manipulated Images of
Surreal Art 

 Kindle Fire, Nook Full Color Graphics will blow your mind away

Poster Size and wall hangings Available 

NEW Book and Script PROJECTS
Prepared for Investors and for Option

The Kinetic Fields
An experience beyond the world we see.

This is only a picture idea of what this story is about

The Kinetic Fields. 
One man with the ability to move objects with his mind, Crosses into Other Realms of Existence, where a Powerful New Reality Enhances him how to use his Powers, but this experiment goes haywire when his Doctors wish to use his Powers for their own Dark Cultic Rituals to raise the Powers of Darkness upon Earth. 


He must stay hid in these Realms to stop them, but these Realms cannot stop the powers of darkness from seeping into this new reality, where he is learning and building his powers beyond imagination.  As the doctors try to pull him out, back into our reality.


The Kinetic Fields he crosses into are Fantastic Realms Beyond Imagination, or of any Reality as we know, it’s a world always in motion with Vivid Characters like the Elder of Respected Minds who guides him through, as his mind and faith beyond is tested to move mountains, and visually taken upon a Jet Ride through Hell, unveiling a Cultic Hierarchy of Demoniacs controlling our Human Genetics.


Every Form of Positive and Negative Energy exists here, creating New Realms and Characters, Conflicting Worlds, and the ability to travel to other worlds using his mental abilities, even coming back to the Earth-Entity, which has its own new dark realms crossing over against him and his mental abilities.


The Lawbots


This is only a picture idea of what this story is about

The future world of control, beyond big brother where the entire world is in prison deep inside the earth, yet upon the top surface, some exist in the greatest pleasures, while those in the lower earth are biologically tested, and experimented upon, some decide to escape only to find that the outer earth surface has become an alien-like demonic structured planet.  Cultic and symbolic of our earth polices today forcing intrusions into the human mind and body where even our thoughts and dreams are monitored.


Parallax of the Universe   

This is only a picture idea of what this story is about

This story takes us even deeper into what and why earth was formed here in evolution, and probes into multi-dimensional space travel, exposing the cosmic universe to what it truly is as an organism, a paradox to support life on earth, exposing a fascinating and unique view of what is really taking place on earth, and into the outer regions, deep in space, and our human existence.



The Eclipse of Darkness:


 ~~~~~ Now also on Kindle ~~~~

Sunny Films Projects

The Series Continues:  See all Projects Below

The Eclipse of Darkness
The Kinetic Fields
The Lawbots

Paradox Escape
Parallax of the Universe
The Court of Christ War-Child

Books & Scripts  / In the works:

Inventions of a Madman
Deep Poverty

Possible Gaming is a Visual Surreal Amazement

The Eclipse of Darkness
The Cosmic Origins of Demons Comes Alive Released Wild Upon Earth
Cataclysmic Signs and Omens are unveiling an Apocalyptic Battle within the Unseen World.

Demons taking over the Earth and Human Minds.  Only one man can see them within a spilt reality, Visually Entering Altering Human Minds and Existence, with Wars, Violence, Deceptions, Mind-Projections, and a False Reality, Forcing all humanity to follow their Dis-illusions as they escape upon the Earth.  Beyond Big Brother, Monitoring, Watching us from their Cosmic Alien Oratory of Darkness, where they Detonated the Universe, Corrupted the Genesis Garden and our Souls. 

They were here since the beginning foundation of earth, Escaping Genesis,  Building their Alien-Demonic Utopia upon Earth, Preparing for their Release as the world and universe comes apart.  One man's life is taken to the edge of sanity caught within a mind-expanding odyssey in-between the Unseen Forces of Light and Darkness. 

This is cool
 Travel through Deep Space or Travel Down to the Quantum World
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