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Thanks to all who came to the LOVE FOOL Screening Event. Appreciate your support & encouragement! Congrats to all the raffle winners!
Pictures are posted at www.facebook.com/sunnymoza
and here is the TV coverage of the screening event

Jose Esteves, Mayor of Milpitas releasing the DVD of LOVE FOOL

Official Selection at the Silicon Valley Film Festival

Watch Full Movie - LOVE FOOL ‎(with Special Features)‎

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What is being said about LOVE FOOL -
  • "The movie is really excellent...congratulations to you and your team. I look forward to your next project" - Jose Esteves, Mayor of Milpitas
  • "The movie  was very  very entertaining  & for a short-film it can't get any better than this. The plot was  just great. I may want the rights to shoot this in Tamil" - Sunil Jayaram, Director 'Mile Sur'
  • "I am proud because you've done it so well and the result is entertaining. I was lucky to be able to catch your film!" - Steven Liang, Director 'Crossing the Void'
  • "Enjoyed the movie. Extremely well done. Good job!" - Kedar Kodikal, Business Analyst
  • "Your hard work showed. I was impressed" - Manish Sabu, Director Naatak
  • "In 10 bucks, we got a show that was worth 100 bucks. And the show line up was excellent, not to mention free snacks" - Ashok, IBO
LOVE FOOL DVD includes special features like movie auditions, behind-the-scenes, photos and much more. Content ~ 90 mins.
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Subtitles: English
Run time: ~20 min

 ActorsSunny Moza, Preethi Chandrasekhar, Neha Goyal
Introducing - Vanessa Patel, Richa Shukla
ProducersNidhi Moza
Sharanjit Singh
Writer, Editor, Director
Sunny Moza

Director of Photography
Pavan Kumar Raj

MusicBill Sorensen

Original Background Score
Nishant Asthana
Assistant Director
Riju B. Francis
Lighting DirectorsHenry "Sir Henri" Cheung
Dave Borja
Make Up & Costumes
Nidhi Moza
Art DirectorArchita Mandal
Choreography ConsultantMeet Aghera
Behind the ScenesHarsha Ramakrishna
Nidhi Moza
Roger Duhamel
SingersDhira Khosla
Aanand Krishnan
LyricsSunny Moza
Production Assistants
Akshay Prem Vyas
Nishant Asthana
Ryan Fallini
Craft Services
Nidhi Moza
Reena Moza
Location (House)
Ashok Moza
Poster DesignNeeraj Dhulekar

Short movie, Big intentions!


ABOUT LOVE FOOL: Love Fool is a film about Sahil and Sonia. Sonia has found that Sahil is cheating on her. So now she is walking away from their marriage. What happens next? What will Sonia do? And what about Sahil? The film also includes a romantic Bollywood-style original song which was  played on radio stations KLOK 1170AM and Radio Zindagi 1550AM. 

Screening Event Highlights:
* Chief Guest - Mayor of Milpitas: Jose 'Joe' Esteves
* FREE snacks
* FREE Raffle prizes
* Live Performances
* Making of LOVE FOOL
Aarzoo by Nishant Asthana
* Premiere of Dil Le Chala (reprise) by Mausaki (Shekhar Hemnani) & Akshay Prem Vyas