The Legendary Palace of France 


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Versailles is in a suburban area of Paris where the Château de Versailles or the Palace of Versailles is situated. Built in the reign of King Louis XIV, It was the largest palace in Europe at that time and is reflected as a symbol of the system of absolute monarchy.


Unfortunately, the main palace building, which is open to the public, was under a big renovation at the time of my visit. However, the park and garden on the grounds of Versailles is still accessible. Versailles contain one of the largest formal gardens ever created, with extensive parterres, fountains and canals, designed by André Le Nôtre.



You may visit the official website of the Château de Versailles by clicking here.




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 >>Taken in front of the main entrance to the Château de Versailles<<


>>The overview of the palace grounds<< 


>>The main palace building has just been restored<< 


>>Taken inside the palace grounds<< 


>>A part of the huge garden in the palace<<


>>Beautiful sculptures could be seen everywhere in the palace grounds<< 


>>Taken at the staircase to the main garden inside the palace<< 




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