The Seine

The main river of Paris 


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 The Seine is a major river of north-western France, and one of its commercial waterways. It is also a tourist attraction, particularly within the city of Paris. There are particular walkways at the bank of the river that people could stroll along and enjoy a spectacular view from the river. You could also take a river cruise to enjoy a panoramic view of Paris by the river.




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>>The Seine runs through the heart of Paris<<


>>You may explore it by boat or by the passageway<<


>>Sit at the bank of the rive and wave your hands to the passers-by<<

>>It's another beautiful aspect of Paris down here<<


>>Pont Alexandre III, an arc bridge that spans the Seine, with Les Invalides in the background <<


>>The Eiffel Tower could be seen from here<<

>>The bridge connects the Champs-Élysées quarter and the Invalides and Eiffel Tower quarter <<


>>The view from the bridge is spectacular<<


>>The French National Assembly is nearby<<


>>Taken at Pont Royal with Louvre Museum on the background<<


>>Another shot on the bridge<<




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