The Last Word

The journey ended here... 


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This concluded my enjoyable journey in France. It certainly remains as an unforgettable memory for me thanks to a good company. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to P'Yong for giving a chance to accompany the team of the film "Dek Hor" to Deauville Asian Film Festival. A part of photos in this site were taken professionally by P'Yong and I used them here with his permission. All photos are copyrighted and the reproduction of them in any means for commercial purpose is strictly prohibited. Those who would like to use the pictures for personal use are welcome under the condition of crediting the origin of the photos. Should there be any questions, comments or requests regarding this web page, please feel free to contact me at <>.

I also would like to thank the festival teams from Le Public Système Cinéma, who were always friendly and helpful. My gratitude also goes to the representatives from Wild Side Films, the company that brought "Dek Hor" to audiences in France, for the hospitality to our team. Last but not least, thanks P'Yong, Nak, Michael and everyone we met along our ways for this memorable trip.


I hope I would have a chance to go back there again. 


Paris, je t'aime!






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