Moulin Rouge

The Parisian Night-life 


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Moulin Rouge, or the Red Windmill, is a traditional cabaret, built in 1889. It's situated in the red-light district of Pigalle on Boulevard de Clichy, which is near Montmartre area. The district is an unspoken adult tourist destination in Paris where you could find an array of sex shops and theaters, even a museum of eroticism.


The Moulin Rouge is a set of several films bearing the same title, including the most recent musical film "Moulin Rouge!" starring Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman, released in 2001. The film was successful in box office and was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture. 




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>>Moulin Rouge souvenir shop<< 


>>The Pigalle square is famous for its night-life activity<<


>>The Musée de l'érotisme or the Museum of Eroticism at No. 72 Place de Clichy<< 


 >>An array of sex shops on Place de Clichy<<


>>There are also theaters devoted to adult films<< 




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