The Normandy Barrière Hotel

Beach front accommodation 


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Built in 1912, this prestigious 5-stars hotel is an enchanting Anglo-Normandy style manor fully equipped with period furniture and French traditional fabrics. There are also an indoor swimming pool with sauna and fitness center. The service is excellent. It's such a fine and comfortable place to stay that I would never want to leave.


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>>In front of the hotel<< 


 >>Inside the hotel<<


 >>The interior design is elegant<<


>>A door to my room<<


 >>The room is cozy and comfortable in style<<


 >>Queen-size bed with thick beautiful blanket<<


>>Looking from the side of the bed<< 


 >>A beautiful crystal chandelier on the ceiling<<


 >>A bathroom with bath-tub<<


 >>Sunset light outside the window of my room<<


 >>A morning filled with white snow<<


 >>Deauville could have all seasons in one day, snowing in the morning, sun shine in the afternoon and raining in the evening<<


>>A small garden inside the hotel ground filled with snow<< 


>>The price list of the room<<


>>Tony Jaa, a famous Thai action-film  actor, used to stay at the hotel in 2004 when attending the previous edition of Deauville Asian Film Festival<< 




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