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Deauville is a small luxurious seaside resort town, with population of merely 9000. The town is a popular weekend destination for upper-class Parisian as it situated just 200 km away from Paris in the North-western direction. Deauville offers various range of activities including a long and almost endless broad walk in the beach of English Chanel (Atlantic Ocean), the renowned Casino which inspired Ian Flamming to write his first James Bond's series "Casino Royale," a prestige 54-holes golf club and horse-racing course. This place is of course a dream destination for those with big budget to spend as there is an array of various flagship stores gathering door-by-door in the walking street downtown.

In the summer of 1858, the Duke of Morny, Napoleon III's half-brother had been invited to this region by his physician, Doctor Olliffe. The Duke became inspired by the idea of building "a kingdom of elegance" close to Paris and spent 4 years creating the town of Deauville. Up until now, the town is engaged in the global protection of its environment, notably through the creation of an Architectural, Town Planning and Landscape Heritage Conservation Zone. This project will prevent assaults on good taste and conserve the charm and typically Norman style of its heritage.
(Deauville's history archive is partly taken from "Deauville : Pleasures for all seasons" brochure distributed by the Tourist Information Center.)

For more information about Deauville, please visit the official website (in English) by clicking here. You may also download the official brochures available online at the official website download page. I also host some of the files here for further reference.



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>>Taken with the film festival billboard<<


>>Let's go to the beach<<


>>The 643 meters long Boardwalk along the beach<<


>>The wide and sandy beach of Deauville<<


>>Foot-print on the beach<<


>>Taken with Michael at the beach<<


>>Look into the sea at the horizon<<


>>The Town Hall<<


>>Taken in front of the Town Hall of Deauville<<


>>Deauville Tourist Information Office<<


>>Walking down the street in downtown Deauville<<


>>Taken in front of a restaurant<<


>>The Casino of Deauville<<


>>There is also a cinema inside the Casino<<


>>The shopping street where you could see various brand-name store<<


>>Salvatore Ferragamo<< 










>>Louis Vuitton<<


>>United Colors of Benetton<<






>>The posters of Deauville Asian Film Festival could be seen around town<<


>>Thai flag could also be seen on the street<<


>>The Place Morny - Deauville's main square<<


>>Police Station of Deauville<<


>>Barbara restaurant<<


>>Hotel Ibis<<


>>Deauville harbor<<


>>Typical Normandy-style house in Deauville<<


>>A quiet neighborhood in Deauville<<


 >>Keep the street clean by disposing your dog's poo, take a plastic bag here<<


>>An evening at a corner of the street in Deauville<<


>>Pizza is a favorite dish here<<


>>A full moon night in Deauville<<




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