Moroccan Cuisines

Do you smell those mouth-watering Moroccan dishes? 


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Moroccan food is famous for its diversity which combines traditional Berber food with Spanish, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and African cuisines. As Morocco is Islamic country, chicken, beef and lamb is commonly consumed while pork is considered as a taboo. Spices are the most distinctive ingredients in all Moroccan dishes. Tajine and Couscous are examples of famous Moroccan foods which are normally eaten with Moroccan bread.


Tajine is a Moroccan dish prepared in the special traditional pot. The mixture of meat, vegetable and special spices is slowly cooked in the pot and is ready to serve from the pot.


Couscous consists mainly of grain-like wheat cooked with spices and topped with a mixture of meat and vegetable. 



 >>An example of typical Moroccan dishes<<



Moroccan mint tea could be considered as the national drink. A glass of green tea is added with no less than 4 lumps of sugar, the sweet and relaxing aroma of mint leaf could carry you away. However, after a glass or two, you might feel bitter in your tongue once the sweetness subsides.  Served from the traditional pot or jug, it's said that the higher you pour the tea from the pot to the glass, the tastier the tea becomes. 

>>Pouring Moroccan mint tea in style<<


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