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Marrakech will always be on my mind! 


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In fact, a country in Africa wouldn't be the first to come in my mind if I had to choose a holiday travel destination. However, this was an impressive and enjoyable trip. Aside from exploring the old city of Marrakech and the beauty of the Atlas mountains, participating in the prestigious film festival is an unforgettable and valuable experience. Even though the movie "Dek Hor" didn't receive any award from the competition in the festival, it's the great honor to represent Thailand as far as Morocco.


Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all related personnels at GTH and IFFM teams for making this Morocco trip possible. I also have to give a big credit to Ms. Emilie Testard, our helpful and reliable French-Thai interpretator, who makes our trip much easier and more enjoyable. Thanks P'Yong, Michael and those who prefer not to be named and whoever I didn't mention, you know who you are, for our memorable trip. You all make my day! See you again, Morocco...

>> A view from the plane on the way back to Bangkok <<

>> Farewell, Marrakech! <<



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