Yangguang (Sunny) Huang

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. I received my Ph.D. in Economics from University of Washington in 2016. My research areas are Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics. The theme of my research is combining economic models and econometric techniques to study policy-oriented topics. My research projects tackle problems in procurement, public resource allocation, corruption, financial development, digital economy, and online markets. 

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Department of Economics, LSK 6075

The spirit of man is the lamp of Jehovah, Searching all the innermost parts of the inner being. (人的灵是耶和华的灯,鉴察人的深处。)
 ~Proverbs 20:27

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path. (你的话是我脚前的灯,是我路上的光。)
~Psalms 119:105

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