Sunny Beach Bulgaria

Sunny Beach Bulgaria is all about Having Fun & Paying Less. Sunny Beach is the liveliest resort on Bulgaria's beautiful Black Sea Coast. There are so many things to do here, it's difficult to know where to start. If it's a cheap holiday you're after, Bulgaria has some of the lowest costs in Europe. If you're looking for beautiful beaches, you will find them here. And if you're looking for exciting times, Sunny Beach offers more than a hundred bars, clubs, restaurants and casinos.
Sunny Beach Bulgaria
It is a purpose-built, modern holiday town has rolled out brand-new restaurants, bars and energetic nightclubs across its high rise waterfront. It's got a spotlessly long beach, too. But it's not all purpose-built newness here – UNESCO-certified Nessebar is just up the road.
Sunny Beach Bulgaria is the biggest of all the seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. It is also the liveliest, and the one that British and Irish tourists love most. There is a Blue Flag beach with soft sand, lots of things to do and places to eat and drink, so Sunny Beach is great for sun-lovers of all ages. In and around Sunny Beach you will find many places to stay, from cosy and friendly guest houses to huge and luxurious hotels that offer 24-hour entertainment for holidaymakers.
The Beach
The beach stretches for over 8 km (5 miles). The sand is fine and soft and part of the beach is edged by sand dunes - perfect for playing "hide and seek" with the kids. The sea bed slopes gently away from the beach, giving a shallow area where you can paddle happily in calm, warm waters. On the sands you will find rows of sun beds and parasols that stretch off into the distance.
Sunny Beach Bulgaria Beach
If you plan to stay on the beach for several hours, it is best to hire a parasol to keep comfortable and cool. If you are only going to stay on the beach for a short time, take your own mat or beach towel and sit in the "free zones" that are behind the parasols.
Shrub-topped dunes separate the beach from the promenade, with a line of sunloungers on the other side. But ramble along the coast for a few minutes, and you'll soon find places to lay down your towel for free. As for watersports, you won't go wanting here as the beach comes with the full range.
The Weather at Sunny Beach Bulgaria
Sunny Beach Bulgaria boasts a long summer season, running from May through September. With around 300 sunny days per year, and summer temperatures that average a healthy 28° C, Sunny Beach really earns its name.
Weather At Sunny Beach Bulgaria
In fact, Sunny Beach has more days of sunshine per year than Miami Beach, Florida. And did you know that Sunny Beach is a lot further south than Monaco.
Sunny Beach really is the Sunniest Beach on the Black Sea Coast.
Activities and Family Fun in Sunny Beach
Horse riding and go-karting can be found at the northern part of Sunny Beach. Many of the hotels and tour operators have their own crèche and kid's clubs. Specially-trained staff will look after your kids, make sure that they're wearing their hats and sunscreen, and keep them busy while you relax by the pool.
Sunny Beach is definitely a family resort, and the kids will love the carousels, pony rides and child-friendly swimming pools. And, of course, no major seaside resort would be complete without aqua parks.
Sunny Beach Bulgaria Resort
If your kids are keen to beat you at a round of mini golf, try the Sunny Beach 18-hole mini golf course. It is situated just in front of the Hotel Helios Palace.
Horrorwood, which is located in front of the Hotel Pirin, is a favourite tourist attraction for families. Horrorwood is made to look like a haunted house, and the bigger kids will have great fun running around and jumping at the sight of the "ghosts" and "skeletons.
Daytrips to Nessebar
Just a 15-minute drive away is Nessebar. This UNESCO-listed town was founded by the Thracians, before the Greeks and Romans put up temples for Apollo and chunky fortress walls. There’s also an Ottoman-style Medieval Basilica to see. It’s all jockeying for position on a tiny, near-circular peninsula.
The Singles Scene in Sunny Beach
Free-spirited singles will find all the fun and excitement that they need at Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. The singles scene in Sunny Beach is a little wilder than in its northern twin, Golden Sands.
Sunny Beach Club
Sunny Beach is dotted with bars, dance clubs and party venues. Lager, wine and crazy cocktails are drunk in huge amounts and the resort's nightlife really does run all the way through the night.
Eating Out in Sunny Beach In Bulgaria
With around 150 restaurants in Sunny Beach resort, you will never be short of somewhere to eat. Prices range from very reasonable to very expensive, and of course there is always McDonald's - Sunny Beach has two of them.
Eating Out in Sunny Beach In Bulgaria
Most of the bars in Sunny Beach serve food as well as drink and the hotel restaurants are open to non-residents. Kids will love some of the themed restaurants with dinosaurs, classic cars and other attractions. Eating out in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria is a delicious experience.
Sunny Beach Bulgaria Night Life