Sunny Gupta




Hello and welcome to my home page. I am currently a graduate student in the Biomedical Computing Group at Queen's University. My supervisors are Professor Selim Akl and Dr. Damian Redfearn.

For my Ph.D., I am analyzing heart data by mapping it into high dimensional space where it is much more likely to be linearly separable. This mapping algorithm will provide a discrete-time and frequency model of the heart. In addition, normal and abnormal patient ECG data will be used to generate a computational model of the heart which can yield insights into its physical features. This model will have practical applications in diagnosing heart pathology based on patient ECG data in real time.

 My other research interests include developing computing models of cognitive science (specifically human memory and computation in neural systems). This was the basis of my master's research with Dr. Roger Browse and led me to my current area of interest.