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:  It's ALL about the sun in the sky and its unseen-but-revered presumed creator!
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I have...
The most tender of hearts
The most open of minds
The most curious of intellect
The most desire of wisdom
The most skeptical of natures
If there were a god that cared
It would have spoken to me 
And left me no doubt.
Steve Tharp, 10/24/2001
I am a freethinker, naturalist, atheist, and secular humanist.
There have been 10,000 gods throughout history-to-present.  Christians are all atheists about 9,999 of them – I just throw in one more.*  And the reason is because through investigative research I have discovered that the Christian god is just a rehash of many/most of the other 9,999 gods.  If you were to investigate ancient Egyptology, astro-theology, and other “ologies”, you’d find that nearly all (if not all) of the bible stories are told allegorically thousands of years before they were retold in Christianity -  and that they are ALL allegories of how the sun, stars, and planets make their journeys throughout the constellations, the various seasons, etc. (Summer 2008)
*Paraphrased from a statement by Stephen Roberts
BeLIEf: Notice that beLIEf has the word LIE in the center. Does your belief have a lie at the center?

What has been will be again; what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. 
Ecclesiastes 1:9 (NIV)
Crucified saviors (the dying sun) have been a drama repeated over and over and over throughout ancient history.

It is astonishing that Akhenaten [who was likely a contemporary of and knew Moses, if not actually Moses himself] had not only reached monotheism, but had carried worship to a height which required no nearer symbol or other outward embodiment than the mysterious and intangible sun in the heavens, which to the ancients was far from being, as it is to us, clearly a material body, explained, analysed and weighed. N. de G. Davies, one of the most eminent archaeologists of Akhenaten's capital city. Quoted from Robert Feather's The Mystery of the Copper Scroll of Qumran.
When it comes to religion, we all have opinions; I am at peace with the 15+ years of research and overwhelming evidence supporting mine.
Teach a child to think and she will learn to separate truth from myth, fact from fiction.
Teach a child your religion and she will share your ignorance and bigotry.