Sun Lei's Laboratory

Adipocyte and energy homeostasis
Obesity had reached an epidemic scope in many countries, which results in a steep rise in health care expenses and a growing population of chronic illness. There has been an upsurge of interest in understanding the detailed mechanism underlying adipocyte biology. Our group has been working on the post-transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in adipocytes at a variety of physiopathological conditions.  The scope of our research now includes microRNA, lncRNA, DNA methylation, alternative splicing and RNA binding proteins.

Congratulations!  Ufuk Degirmenci's manuscript "Role of lncRNAs in Cellular Aging" has been accepted by Frontiers Endocrinology

Welcome! Camille, Diana, and Wenning are joining our group. 

Congratulations! Dr. Lim Yen-Ching's manuscript "Dynamic DNA methylation landscape defines brown and white cell specificity during adipogenesis" has been accepted by Molecular Metabolism