For those of you who are not inclined to invest in expensive equipment and many journeys, macro photography is a highly rewarding activity. It includes micro, macro, and closeup photography. You can shoot in JPG, develop in Elements, use inexpensive cameras (relatively), with a good tripod and flexible ball head. You can shoot anywhere, including in your own home, hard, neighborhood and local gardens. Take a look at Mike Moats' inspirational work, done on a shoe-string budget . Mike started out as an amateur, shooting in JPG, with minimal equipment. Today he is a sponsored professional, publishing, teaching, selling, and traveling, still shooting in JPG and with minimal equipment!

These images of human emotion are a true inspiration. See .

This site is absorbing. There are many photographic artists on many pages. Enjoy and you will be deeply inspired!  Click on an image to open an album. To move to the next image in the album, just click on the image. There are no navigation arrows.

Commercial Abstracts and Compositions by Richard Sturdevant:

Outdoor Photography: View others photos, participate in photographic 'assignments'
Architect turned photographic artist, who specializes in macro rock photography:
"Claud Monet once said, 'To see, one must forget the name of thing we are
seeing.' Monet was probably one of the first to recognize that art is not
necessarily what you see, but rather what you as an artist make others see." 
--Quote from Creative Macro Photography by Charles Needle
To develop the "inner eye" of a good photographer, it is helpful to immerse ones self in viewing many good photos of others. Here are some websites of some really good photographers. If you have a favorite website, please let us know so that we can post it here.
Many photographers around the world, PSA competition entries:
If you like abstract art, you might be a fan of abstract photography. Here is the site of Dorthy Gantenbein's abstract photographic composites:

Site where photographers are selling their work as art: