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New Camera Photography Equipment Lenses for your phone camera, tethering equipment to make your phone a remote trigger for your camera, bike mounting to use phone as continuous bike camera, etc.
 Ergonomic Photo Carrying Equipment Would you like an easier method of carrying your photo equipment when on a photo shoot? For ergonomically engineered carrying equipment for cameras, lens, and peripherals, contact Rick is an experienced photographer and electrical engineer, who has moved from medium format shooting to the latest digital equipment. His expertise in both photography and equipment design for photographers is producing an excellent line of user friendly equipment to spare your shoulders, back and hips from wear and tear!
 Lens information Learn what lenses are available for your camera. Enter your camera make, a price range and the type of photography you want to do and it will show a list of available lenses.
New and good used equipment,
software Sell your used equipment, purchase new or good used equipment, upload your own images for free. Downloadable plugins and actions for Photoshop, for MAC and PC. Great site!
 Repair          Arizona Camera Works  Cleaning, repair, parts, accessories at reasonable prices.
 Photo equipment, repairs, printing      Tempe Camera  
 Photo equipment, repairs  Also has rentals, consignment, art gallery, classes